Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×210 Review – “Clues to Kara”

Clues to Kara Boruto anime episode 210 review
Sai and Konohamaru stirring up trouble in the cult during ‘Clues to Kara’ (Image: Boruto Anime Episode 210 – Screengrab)

While ‘Clues to Kara’ decided to focus on Boro’s cult, I was expecting the writers to explore such a storyline for a bit longer than just a single episode.

I have been looking forward to learning more about Boro’s cult ever since the anime decided to introduce it. I was actually hoping for some of Boruto’s classmates to handle a cult-related situation because those kids haven’t been given a lot to do. ‘Clues to Kara’ did put the spotlight on the cult, however, the writers decided to close such an interesting arc very quickly in just one episode. In my opinion, everything could have been extended for at least a three-episode-long mission.

‘Clues to Kara’ opened with Naruto and Shikamaru sending Konohamaru and Sai to visit the cult and see what the members were been up to after Boro’s death. Apparently, the cult’s headquarters was located outside the jurisdiction of the Five Great Nations. So, it was a secret infiltration mission. I was excited to see Konohamaru being part of the current mission. The fandom’s been making jokes about how useless he’s been in the overall story. There’s even a joke about how you can replace him with a trashcan and nothing would change.

Did the current episode give Konohamaru a chance to redeem himself? Not necessarily. He talked a lot. I was expecting Konohamaru to fight Delta. But that didn’t happen either. So, alas, for the foreseeable future, Konohamaru will continue being referred to as Trashmaru by certain fans. Sigh!

While I was disappointed by how Knohamaru was handled, there were still a few things I liked about this particular episode. We got to learn about Boro needing to use a Scientific Ninja Tool to replenish the virus inside his body. I liked how Sai and Konohamaru had the foresight to make their bodies immune to said virus before visiting the cult. Konohamaru and Sai trying and failing to make the cultists realize Boro was lying to them was another good touch.

In a sense, this was a thematically dark episode. I think the writers did an impressive job of showing how vulnerable people can be exploited and how challenging it can be for someone to change their mind if they have been brainwashed by harmful beliefs. Even when Delta was destroying the building, the cultists were willing to stay inside and lose their lives. They hoped Boro would return even after Sai and Konohamaru had already told everyone he was dead. Our heroic duo was able to save a couple of cultists, though. Here’s to hoping those people get the help they need to begin a new chapter.

Other tidbits of information included Jigen changing the whereabouts of the Ten-Tails and having Code guard it. Naruto learned about another version of Delta wrecking havoc even though he had already defeated her inside the Hidden Leaf Village. Jigen was the one who sent Delta to destroy the teleportation device located inside the cult’s headquarters. She was also the one who reported Boro’s death and Naruto’s rescue. The good news is that Jigen and the rest don’t know the details of Team 7’s battle with Boro. However, I think Jigen might have an inkling about Momoshiki likely taking over Boruto’s body to end Boro with a single attack.

Even though the anime writers didn’t allow some of Boruto’s classmates to gain much-needed experience by involving them in the current mission, at least, we will get to see Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin help Kakashi in the next episode.

What did you think of ‘Clues to Kara’? Let us know.

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