Claws 2×2 Review: Cracked Casserole

Claws season 2 cracked casserole review
Zlata talking to Desna in ‘Cracked Casserole’ (Image: Screengrab)

This week’s episode of Claws season 2, titled ‘Cracked Casserole,’ made one thing clear. Even though Desna is trying to do what she can to keep her crew safe while working for Zlata, things are going to take a turn for the worse soon.

I was provided a screener for ‘Cracked Casserole’ for review. The opinions are my own.

Content warning: This review mentions abortion.

I am going to talk about Zlata first and then move on to the rest of the events that happened in ‘Cracked Casserole.’ Zlata’s plan to make Roller marry her daughter does make sense. It allows Zlata to keep an eye on Roller. Also, considering the kind of character she is I have a feeling she knows what he and Uncle Daddy are up to. That’s why I think she’s deliberately confusing the Hussers by feeding Roller the wrong information. I wonder if she knows the Hussers have teamed up with Gregory Ruval. Either way, it is only a matter of time before a mafia war begins with Desna and her crew caught in the middle.

‘Cracked Casserole’ showed Desna using her skills to keep Zlata happy. She sees a lot of potential in Desna and wants her to feel like a boss. However, there is also a layer of manipulation under every interaction Zlata has with Desna. The Russian mafia boss knows Desna finds strength in her family and friends. That’s why my guess is that Zlata has begun to lay the groundwork for Desna to eventually fight with her crew and potentially break up with them, allowing Zlata to have more control over her.

This week’s episode also gave us a lot of Virginia and Dean. I knew the two weren’t ready to have a child. We got some powerful scenes when they, along with Quiet Ann, decided to go to an abortion clinic. I liked the show using its characters to make statements related to being pro-life or pro-choice. Their stance felt true to their personalities. We also got to know a bit more about Quiet Ann and how she lost her child to the system because getting an abortion wasn’t an option for her.

Some thoughts and questions:

  • Kudos to Claws season 2 for getting an impressive premiere rating.
  • The advertisement featuring Polly’s dancers and Dr. Ken was amazing!
  • I hope Jenn’s mother didn’t hit on Bryce. That is a lot of emotional baggage for anyone to handle.
  • Dean and Virginia are getting married!
  • Desna reading Zlata’s book was hilarious.
  • I just want Quiet Ann to be happy.

Did you watch Claws this week? What did you think of ‘Cracked Casserole’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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