Creating a Hurricane to #SaveStorm! Interview with MizCaramelVixen of VixenVarsity!


Fans of the famous X-Men member Storm have banded together to save her solo series from cancellation and it looks like the movement will only grow bigger. We recently did an interview with Jamie Broadnax of BlackGirlNerds and her part in taking the #SaveStorm campaign to the next level. Check out our interview with MizCarmelVixen, owner of VixenVarsity and the brains behind the exciting #SaveStorm Giveaway, where we talk about her interest in saving Storm and future plans for the campaign!

What does Storm/Ororo Munroe mean to you, as a POC fictional female character?

I remember seeing Storm on the X-Men cartoon on FOX back in the 90’s and I KNEW I wanted to be like her. I always thanked Storm for when it snowed hard and there was no school and would “have a talk” with her for not making it snow hard enough because I HAD to go to school. The only two black women superheroes I knew of at the time was Vixen (DC Comics) and Storm (Marvel); those women are who I modeled myself after. There was a time that I was depressed because I wasn’t dark skin like those two superheroes; in my young mind, I figured that’s why I didn’t have super powers. As a child of a bi-racial relationship I didn’t know where I fit, seeing Storm and the power and confidence she had made me realize that there was nothing wrong with being a black woman. Storm also has a “weakness” being claustrophobic, which is something that I still suffer with to this day.

Tell us how you came to know about the #SaveStorm campaign. How did it make you feel?

I found out about the #SaveStorm campaign from CBR writer Brett White, he tweeted out the link again and I read it and my mouth dropped. I was stunned. How in tarnation could Storm’s sales be so low? Upon reading the article I felt that I had to do something…ANYTHING to change this predicament. I immediately DM’d Jamie from BlackGirlNerds and told her that I wanted to do a #SaveStorm giveaway, sent her an email saying I plan on buying copies and giving the digital codes away. We hashed out some details and our #SaveStorm Giveaway was born. I contacted Brett White and he told me that he’d do anything in his power to bring awareness to the giveaway. I was in no way expecting that the #SaveStorm Giveaway idea that I had would turn into this AMAZING success. I mean, HELLO, Marvel joined in on the #SaveStorm campaign and is currently giving away Storm #1. I’m still floored, even now.  Thank you to EVERYONE who made this #SaveStorm giveaway as great as it is…without you STORMchasers all spreading the word, it wouldn’t be getting as much attention as it is currently.

What are your thoughts about Storm not selling well? I mean it’s a solo series of arguably one of most famous comic book characters of all time yet, I still find people not knowing about her solo series. Do you think Marvel didn’t promote it enough?

One of the reasons I think is Marvel not pushing this title enough. I knew Storm was coming and put up the preview on my site, for my readers to enjoy, but it wasn’t enough. I can’t recall if Marvel introduced Storm exclusively to any site, there was no hoopla for her. Marvel introduced the female Thor on The View, why? Female viewership! I believe that Storm should have debuted on a black website, BlackVoices to be more specific. I think having a black website debut a black character would have taken it to a different level. Storm debuted to 47,566 copies great number, right? Well, Thor #1 debuted to 150,862 copies. HUGE difference. The following month Storm #2 dropped to 25,268 copies. Numbers aren’t out for Thor #2 yet, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t drop that much. I feel that the black community as a whole should have done better with supporting Storm and purchasing copies. There have been complaints as to why there isn’t a Storm solo book, but when Marvel gives us what we want, nothing’s done. If Marvel takes Storm away, then what…another call to action? No. I want more Storm and so should you, so do your part.

10172682_323910121126129_102677022140789985_nWhy do you think a Storm solo-series is important in the current state of comic books?

Black. Female. Superhero. ‘Nuff said. Yes, we have Captain America with the mantel being held by Falcon, who’s black and we also have Deathlok. Marvel does have diversity on their shelves, not much…but it’s there, same with DC Comics. The only difference is Marvel took a chance and gave us a Black FEMALE Superhero. I’m still waiting on a Vixen solo series, DC Comics. As a black woman, I love seeing African Americans represented in comics….but a BLACK WOMAN? Listen. We need to be picking up every issue from our local comic book stores…thrice.

You recently did a digital copy of Storm #5 giveaway. Are there any more giveaways we should know about? What’s next for the #SaveStorm campaign?

Yes, I did and as I mentioned before it was a HUGE success! Thank you again, STORMchasers! I’m currently running a giveaway for the next 10 days; I’m giving away 10 issues Storm #1. Oh, did I mention it’s signed by GREG PAK??!! It can’t get any better than that. Make sure you enter the #SaveStorm Giveaway is having.

Tell us about the relationship been between you and the team behind Storm?

Prior to the giveaway there was no relationship with anyone involved with Storm. Once the idea popped in my head for the #SaveStorm Giveaway, I reached out to Greg Pak via twitter, we emailed a few times, he agreed to an interview, and I asked if he’d like to donate one or two signed copies of a Storm book. Imagine my surprise when he replied that he was going to donate 10 SIGNED COPIES OF STORM #1! Yaaaaaaassssss!!!! I remember screaming when I read the email and shedding a few tears. It was amazing, wasn’t expecting that at all. I mean an interview and a donation from GREG PAK? Never in my wildest dreams! I am in awe and so amazed at how humble Greg Pak was when he responded to my emails. I couldn’t thank him enough. I’m hoping that I can continue to bring awareness to the Storm series. I don’t want it to just be this ONE time. Storm will be ongoing for the next few months, we’re on issue 5…there’s seven more to go. So, that means for the next seven months, I will be pushing Storm to the best of my abilities. I hope that I’m able to work with Greg Pak and Marvel closely to continue to bring awareness to the awesomeness of Storm!


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Have you participated in the #SaveStorm giveaway’s yet? What have you done to save the Weather Goddess? Let us know!

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