Taking #SaveStorm to the Next Level! Interview with Jamie Broadnax of BlackGirlNerds!

10357816_323528861164255_6889248568043092628_nThe sale numbers of Storm has worried a lot of fans. Ororo Munroe is arguably one of the most famous comic book characters out there and seeing Storm in danger of cancellation spurred fans all over the world into action. The #SaveStorm campaign has gained a lot of momentum and it’s attracting new people to the cause every day. It even attracted the attention of Storm writer Greg Pak and Marvel is giving out digital copies of Storm #1 for free.

BlackGirlNerds (BGN) is one of the websites that has helped propel #SaveStorm to the next level. Check out our interview with Jamie Broadnax, the creator of the site, where we talk about the campaign to save the Weather Goddess and the importance of black female comic book heroes!

What does Storm/Ororo Munroe mean to you, as a character?

Storm is a woman who exudes superhuman strength and supernatural abilities, but still has human emotions and vulnerabilities like her fear of closed spaces also known as claustrophobia.

When did you first come to know about #SaveStorm and how did you feel about it?

Someone tweeted to me about the low sales. I ignored it, because I just couldn’t fathom that was accurate. Then I saw an editorial ran by Comic Book Resources and they mentioned the sales of She-Hulk and Elektra both paralleled Storm’s. Both She-Hulk and Elektra were canceled and my fear that the same could happen to Storm woke me up. I was shocked more than anything else, because I couldn’t believe one of the most popular female comic book characters of all time was in jeopardy of being canceled. I mean, seriously, the former leader of the X-Men is having trouble with comic book sales? Say it ain’t so!

10432104_323528971164244_7713585425540528977_nAny thoughts about why Storm hasn’t been selling well? I mean, it’s a solo series of arguably one of most famous comic book characters of all time. Yet I still find people not knowing she has a solo series. Do you think Marvel did not promote it enough?

I think Marvel didn’t promote it enough. I also think retailers are not ordering enough copies in their stores. Marvel should have had cardboard cutouts of Storm displays in comic retail shops when the book first launched. There were so many people who tweeted to me saying they had no clue that a Storm comic existed.

Why do you think a Storm solo-series is important in the current state of comic books?

It’s important because of the disparities of black women solo comics in this industry period. There has not been many and currently Storm is the only black female superhero in Marvel with her own solo.

You recently did a digital copy of Storm #5 giveaway. Any more giveaways we should know about that will be happening soon? You know, what’s next for the #SaveStorm campaign?

Yes, there will be another giveaway on BGN soon!  Vixen Varsity is currently giving away signed copies of Greg Pak’s Storm 1 by Greg himself!

How’s the relationship been between you and the team behind Storm?

Greg Pak follows BGN on Twitter and is a fan of the online space. We did a webcast together some months back. I’d love to be involved more with marketing and promotions of Storm and many other black comics, because sadly it’s just not happening enough. If the opportunity ever presents itself, I’d love to jump on it. I work in marketing and have a degree in it, so I kinda know what I’m doing!

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Have you bought of physical or digital copy of Storm yet? Are you playing your part to #SaveStorm? Let us know!

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