Deadpool, Loki, and Mobius Walk Into A Bar: What Does It Mean?

Loki and Mobius from the Loki show. Deadpool from his first film.

Deadpool 3 is still a long way off, likely being released in November of 2024 (per some leaked calendars), but social media is buzzing with rumors already. Will Mobius or Loki team up with the Merc with a Mouth? The probability is high.

There’s a lot of information to sort through at the moment. Most of it comes from leakers with various degrees of accuracy as well as some intense social media analysis. Needless to say, there’s no guarantee that any of this is true. However, it’s worth warning for as some people want to avoid any and all spoilers, even if the accuracy is still debated.

If you want to avoid any leaked information, turn back now! If true, this will be a SPOILER. But again, there’s no guarantee that it’s accurate.

So let’s break down these rumors a bit and sort this all out…

November 8th, 2022: Mobius Rumors Begin to Spread

The first rumors came from a known leaker known as DanielRPK, who has a pretty strong reputation with those who deal with leaks. He’s not 100% accurate, though, so everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. DanielRPK stated that Owen Wilson is set to reprise his role as Mobius in Deadpool 3. There’s no mention of Loki in this leak. Just Mobius. For now, anyway.

On the surface this seems like a sort of random team-up. But Deadpool was originally a 20th Century Fox property until Disney bought those rights and that could provide a clue as to his role in the film. Marvel Studios has so far been bringing in characters from other companies through the multiverse. The Spider-Men from Sony came because Doctor Strange messed up a spell and cracked the multiverse. 

Daredevil and Abomination weren’t brought in this way, but they have always been owned by Marvel Television, which is an ABC/Disney company. Those characters haven’t been with any other company. There was an agreement with Netflix for broadcasting Daredevil, but it was still part of the MCU overall.

Perhaps Mobius will be the catalyst that brings Wade Wilson into the MCU. Admittedly, Deadpool already had a scene with Korg, but there are debates on how canon that type of supplemental material can be, so some aren’t counting it yet. I count it, personally, but it’s a contentious issue and I’m willing to leave the door open for a multiversal fracture being a catalyst.

November 28th, 2022: Ryan Reynolds and Miss Minutes Interact

The Mobius rumors have been heating up in the past 24 hours thanks to Twitter. Ryan Reynolds responded to the Miss Minutes Twitter account yesterday, which has now moved this rumor from being kept in the confines of the MCU Leaker Community, and put it out in the open to the general audience. Mobius wasn’t mentioned directly here, but the assumption is that he’d still be associated with the TVA in some fashion, so Miss Minutes is still associated with him through that.

This interaction is the only reason I’m writing an article about this. I usually don’t like to discuss rumors and leaks that mostly stay in those spaces because they’re very hit-or-miss. Sometimes they’re true. Sometimes they aren’t. And I don’t really feel like being the cause of false rumors like some other notorious blogs tend to be.

It’s still not a guarantee, but it fits with the leaks and lends them credibility. Ryan Reynold’s interaction with a character from the show where the character that is rumored to be in his movie is notable, though. As far as I’m concerned, it’s strong additional evidence that this rumor is real, and also raises DanielRPK’s reputation in my book. 

The Validity of the Miss Minutes Account

We don’t know for sure that the Miss Minutes account is official. It has posted promotional material before and has interacted with cast and crew fairly regularly. Many people involved in the show follow her, too. But her account was never verified, like most promotional accounts are, so it has always been dubious how official she was.

If the rumors about Mobius are true, and the TVA is somehow involved in Deadpool 3, this will also be some level of confirmation that she’s an official account. So hey, we might get two mysteries solved with this one tiny interaction. Mobius is in Deadpool 3 AND the Miss Minutes account is official. Love that for us!

Speaking of the Miss Minutes account, she notably also interacts with shippers – most often Lokius (Loki/Mobius) shippers. This feeds into another ongoing rumor: Lokius will become canon in Loki season 2. Which brings me to my next topic…

Now Let’s Clown About Lokius

A less reputable leaker (per the Reddit Tier List), We Got This Covered, stated prior to the first season of Loki that Loki would have both male and female partners on screen. Season one came and went without that happening. This didn’t surprise me as their leaks are more often incorrect than correct and I don’t rely on them for information at all. They do get hits sometimes, but not as often as DanielRPK. 

But perhaps they were wrong about when it would be revealed. Perhaps being with a man is something that will happen in season two? Maybe they got the leak before it was reworked and pushed into a subsequent season?

Okay, guys, let’s clown about Lokius for a minute.

If the Miss Minutes account is official, which is slightly more plausible with the Ryan Reynolds interaction, and if that less reputable leaker was correct about the what but just wrong on the when, which would be bolstered by the confirmed official Miss Minutes account interacting with Lokius shippers, we are likely getting Lokius in season two. Guys, Lokius is coming!

That’s a lot of ‘if’s’ though. A lot of things have to line up and a lot of our assumptions will have to pan out. But that’s why I’m categorizing this as shipper clowning and not an actual solid bit of information. But hey, it’s fun to clown sometimes, you know? Pass me a big red nose, please. Crown me the King of Clown Town.

Author: Angel Wilson

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