Dear Geekiary: Will you guys be watching Jurassic World?


Dear Geekiary: Will you guys be watching Jurassic World? Do you think the actors from the original trilogy [will] be present? Do you know about the plot? Doesn’t it sound like Jurassic Park 1, just with the park fully functional and with visitors to show more deaths by dinosaurs? What are your expectations for the film, I know it isn’t released yet, but still?


Thanks for the question, Tumblr Anon!

Yes, there are several people on staff who plan on going to see Jurassic World – and I’ll be the one reviewing it, which I’m very excited about! I grew up with Jurassic Park and can’t wait for a new film in the franchise…one that will hopefully be better than The Lost World and Jurassic Park III.

Unfortunately, it appears as though BD Wong – Dr. Henry Wu from Jurassic Park – is the only actor from the original trilogy who is making an appearance. Now, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t pop up (they could have kept additional appearances under wraps), but there’s no evidence that will be the case. And I’m not even sure to what extent Henry Wu will be in the film – flashbacks? Old videos from way back when? Or is he still working for Jurassic Park/World? Only time will tell!

As for the plot, until I looked it up on IMDB I was under the impression that it was simply “Jurassic Park is open as Jurassic World, the scientists create a new dinosaur, the dinosaur escapes and tears up the park [and inevitably, its guests]”. IMDB cleared up a couple things, though – the park has apparently been open for a decade, visitor numbers are declining, and that’s why they create the new “attraction” (read: dinosaur). There’s also the strange fact that Chris Pratt’s character, Owen, is some sort of “raptor wrangler” – and that is addressed a little bit in a clip that was recently released.

From what I’ve seen so far, I certainly don’t expect another Jurassic Park. I’ve almost begun to wonder – especially after seeing the aforementioned clip – if they are just embracing the ridiculous with this movie. I think that if they try to be TOO serious, it probably won’t work (I mean, raptor wrangling, c’mon now). But I do have hopes…even if I’m trying to not let them be high ones.


Do you have any thoughts about Jurassic World? If so, please share them in the comments!

Author: Tara Lynne

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