Developing Story: Reporter Ejected from Supernatural Convention Over “Threats”


Many of our followers have been enjoying the tweets from Supernatural convention occurring this weekend in Chicago, but as of this morning our reporter was abruptly rejected from the convention.  Our reporter Emily was taken from the Jensen and Jared Gold Panel and escorted from the premises.  She was told that she was banned from further Creation cons because Jensen and Jared’s body guard was advised that she was “a threat” to the actors.  

At this moment we have no further information from official channels about what their body guard was told, but sources that wish to remain anonymous believe they were shown a doctored Tweet.  As this cannot be confirmed, this should be taken as speculation at this point in time.

UPDATE:  The Creation publicist manager has stated that their “hands were tied” over this issue.  She was not present at the event, but confirmed that this had something to do with a tweet.  She asked us to provide a link to said tweet and when we informed her that no such tweet existed to our knowledge, she wasn’t sure what could be done.  We have asked for the information to be forwarded to us when it becomes available, but as of this moment nobody seems to know what tweet it was that sparked this issue.  Please do not tweet or email hate to Creation over this.  We understand that when the talent refuses to go on stage, conventions must comply.  We would very much like to know which tweet sparked this issue, however, and once this comes to light we’ll provide that information.

A full account of Emily’s experience can be read at her Tumblr account.

Sunday morning I went down to the J2 Gold Panel with a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll from the hotel cafe. I had been in my seat ten minutes or so, speaking to the people in the seats next to me, when a gentleman approached. Older, built, black suit and an earpiece he asked me “Are you Emily Rose?”


“Can you come with me, please?”

I was led to the side of the stage nearest me, just past the curtains near the door. The gentlemen politely but firmly told me that I was being asked to leave the premises. At this point, I got a sinking feeling about what was happening: after all, the wank in 2013 was about “Destiel Shippers!” attempting to kick a prominent Wincest fan who is not shy with her opinion about Misha and Castiel out of DallasCon for having a Misha M&G and soliciting rude questions to ask Misha, and subsequent claims that (as an outspoken Destiel shipper also at the convention) I was behind that. Nothing came of that, as she was at the convention too, and 90% of the wank there was online as they found pictures of my children, made threats against me, bombarded my editor with hate mail, and added over 170 comments attacking me onto my personal blog.

I asked why I was being removed from the room, and Valerie from Creation told me that Clif Kosterman, the bodyguard for Jared and Jensen, had informed them that I was a security threat to the boys. She did not know why, but my general understanding is that Creation can’t NOT act on these matters, as if they ignored Clif’s attempts to keep Jared and Jensen safe they would be liable if they were NOT safe at the convention.


At this time we are investigating matters further, but if you have more information about what happened please contact us as soon as possible.  We strongly believe that these rumors are false.  Emily has been an outspoken critic of bullying and contributes to the SPN Anti Bullying Twitter and Tumblr accounts.  She also organized the season 10 gifts that were delivered to all the cast and crew over the past couple of weeks.  Because of her outspoken nature she has been targeted by segments of the fandom before and we, as a website, have stood beside her.  We believe in her credibility as a reporter and her as a person.  We’d like to hear more details about what happened from those involved.

I’ve spoken on the phone with Emily numerous times today and she needs to sort through this ordeal before making a statement or an article on this website.  She is obviously upset over the events today and overwhelmed by the support she’s received over the incident.  The #IStandWithEmily hashtag on Twitter has been enormously positive and we appreciate the display of support.

Until we can get official information from Creation, Clif, or the CW network, all we have to go on was what she was told at the convention, what the press manager was able to confirm with us over the phone, and pure speculation with no proof about what exactly happened.  When information is sorted, we will be more forthcoming about what’s happening and we do apologize for the lack of information at this time.

Author: Angel Wilson

Angel is the admin of The Geekiary and a geek culture commentator. They earned a BA in Film & Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz. They have contributed to various podcasts and webcasts including An Englishman in San Diego, Free to Be Radio, and Genre TV for All. They identify as queer.

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38 thoughts on “Developing Story: Reporter Ejected from Supernatural Convention Over “Threats”

  1. i really hope creation and clif acted that way bec they received real threat. if it was just because of a tweet that was probably shipping-related and not about harming jensen and jared, man, that doesn’t warrant the “security risk” label and the treatment they gave her.

    1. We’re conflicted because we have faith in Emily and don’t believe she’d participate in threatening behavior, but at the same time we are also disappointed with how this situation unfolded. We need more information.

      -Admin Angel

  2. of course, i don’t mean i hope there was real threat. i’ve been reading emily’s tweets even before this issue, and i saw nothing that can be labeled a threat.

  3. i really can’t get over this. it’s disturbing because it’s not only about being banned from the con/s. it’s about being called a “security risk” and being treated like a criminal without proper investigation. serious matter. good luck. i hope this gets resolved soon.

  4. It’s quite slanderous to call a reporter a threat! They really shouldn’t do this unless they have good evidence, which I sadly doubt they do. I understand the desire to be cautious, but since it seems that they were mistaken, they ought to issue a public apology at least. I hope this gets settled.

  5. Upon delving into most of this fandom wank shenanigan, I found out that one of the people behind the false accusations, is the very same who successfully impersonated Creation during NJcon about two years ago, creating a fake announcement stating that “all deancas ship questions were banned from Creation panels”. So my question here is, why hasn’t Creation been notified of this small group of rotten apples, and ban those instead?

  6. Good luck getting this straightened out. I really hope the SPN/CW and Creation staff help you work through this issue before the next convention.

  7. You have our support. Fandom cannot become a place for bullies and slanderous liars to thrive, and furthermore this affects her career and rep. Let us know how else we can help

  8. Sending good vibes and positive juju Emily’s way. I’ve always enjoyed her tweets and she has NEVER seemed like the part of the fandom to instigate hate or wank, much less anything dangerous to the actors. WHICH is what I’ve enjoyed about her work. I hope everything get’s worked out, and that she can get back to what she does best: fan business as usual.

  9. I sincerely hope this will be resolved. If they have no proof of her being a treath to the actors and find out it was all a hoax they should apologize to her and find who accused her and ban that person. This is outrageous! Who did this should be ashamed. And i 100% believe that Emilly is innocet in this.

  10. I said it many times today but I want to repeat it: any sane person should take information about the people reporting a supposed threat exactly because it may be a false alarm. But now I’m starting to think no one actually bothered to do so and if that’s true than by gods I’m so glad that I have more important things to spend my money on, because this whole situation shows that being a Misha/Cas/Destiel fan you can be a target of false accusations (no matter if you’re a normal attendee or an reporter).

  11. I believe you have strong grounds for legal action. Emily has been harmed financially and emotionally by this slander. Creation ent. will continue to believe their actions were OK unless they are hurt where it counts, the pocketbook. They need to get the very strong message that, while they should of course take threats seriously, they also have an obligation to their paying customers to use due diligence in investigation threats before acting on the word of just anyome.

  12. I read this article and the small writeup type of thing that Emily wrote on this and I really look forward to seeing this resolved. I don’t know Emily and am not involved with this fandom but I feel for all involved, esp Emily. I took a quick peek at her recent tweets and I am not seeing anything inflammatory or something that could be perceived as a threat.

    I hope this can be resolved swiftly

  13. How very odd to evict a paying customer over a tweet, then not be able to produce the tweet. Not a good business practice. And surely the cast are not so sensitive to be bothered by fans’ shipping preference? The show itself has had fun with this theme in various episodes.

    1. I don’t think the bodyguard really understood the context of the tweet – but what quicker way to destroy the show than to destroy one of the leads? The bodyguard was just doing his job.

      Also, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cast and crew weren’t a little bothered by Destiel shippers. It’s not like your usual ship were we go off to our comms to drool over fanfic and slashy interactions – Destiel fans are regularly accusing the writers of queerbaiting, Jensen of being homophobic and don’t get me stared on the shit they’ve given Jared & Sam all because they wont meet/get in the way of shippers DEMANDS to make Destiel cannon. Pretty sure the lovely Emily Rose as been involved in plenty of that ugliness – perhaps this tweet was just the last straw?

      1. “What quicker way to destroy the show than to destroy one of the leads?” Do you really want to use THAT and the fact that she’s a Destiel shipper to justify Clif’s actions? BTW who said the convention is “yours?” I thought they were for everyone.

      2. “Also, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cast and crew weren’t a little bothered by Destiel shippers. It’s not like your usual ship were we go off to our comms to drool over fanfic and slashy interactions”

        Nonsense. Supernatural has been filled with slash shippers since its inception. There are incest shippers (Sam/Dean, Dean/John); there are “real life” shippers who believe Jared and Jensen are faking their marriages because they are in love with each other. Pairing two fictional characters is much more innocuous than insisting two real people are telling lies on a vast scale.

        This seems like a vendetta between shipper groups and both the convention and the bodyguard have made themselves look like fools over it.

    1. wow. so taken out of context. and even if it wasn’t a joke/sarcasm directed against her haters, how does that tweet make her a security risk?

  14. and how sure are you that that is indeed the tweet they based their earlier actions on? it’s possible that they just combed emily’s tweets to look for something when people started asking for proof.

  15. This is horrible. I feel so bad for Emily. I feel like Clif dropped the ball big time and both he and Creation Con need to apologize. The SPN fandom is supposed to be a family but this is not how you treat family.


  16. I’m glad I didn’t book anything yet…if you aren’t a “just da brudders” fan paying for the VIP experience, you are a security threat…awesome.

  17. Unfortunately since the Cliff acted on bad information, he is now liable as well as Jensen and Jared. If Emily decides to sue since it’s slander as well as a loss of wages since her reputation is now damaged, they will be liable.

    Cliff might have acted in haste due to “security” concerns but it was bad information and now it is causing issues. If Emily wants, she could definitely sue Cliff.

    1. You might wanna research what slander actually is. Clif did not commit slander. Maybe Emily might want to think twice before she repurposes obscure pop culture references in a way that seems skeevy.

        1. Probably the same as yours, but from what I can gather, Clif isn’t the one supposedly slandering Emily. The people who ganked her tweets and reported those to him and the con should be the ones liable, I’d think. And even knowing their context, the tweets are still kinda mean-spirited and weird. Clif didn’t appear to have that context, and was simply doing his job. As was the con; keeping their clients safe is a priority. One small-time on-line blogger isn’t. I’m not trying to be a total douchebag here, but this really seems to be tit-for-tatting between two groups of shippers, not Clif going out of his way to ruin someone. Clif’s not perfect by any stretch, and Emily’s tweets were in poor taste (imho.) So there’s plenty of responsibility to spread around. I do hope this gets ironed out in a way that injures no one further, and the responsible party is located and dealt with. Emily has to understand, also, that sometimes her words have unexpected consequences. She doesn’t have to curb her opinions, but neither do other folks. And this is what happens sometimes.

          1. So no law experience. I always like to know who I’m listening to when the law is involved.

            As for a lot of your points in your post, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I find Emily’s snark charming, not weird, and I don’t think the tweet in context was remotely harmful. There are a lot of elements surrounding the tweet, such as when it was capped, that have made me speculate the motives. As I have no proof of this, though, this is just speculation. But I strongly feel she’s innocent in this mess.

    2. I’m not asking this in a snarky or sarcastic way, but when people are arguing legalities I really want to know what their law experience is. I just like to be fully informed about where legal advice is coming from. I hope that doesn’t offend you.

  18. This makes me regret having gone to their conventions and giving money to this. Handled so abysmally. I hope this resolves to the satisfaction of Emily.

  19. I find it ironic that the best way to destroy a show is not to destroy one of the actors, but to piss off the fandom. Which is exactly what they played into doing, so exactly WHO’S “evol plan” was this? Certainly not Emily’s, but I think this theory is worth looking into…

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