“Downton Abbey” Film Trailer Released! Let Thomas Barrow Find a Man!

downton abbey film Thomas Barrow
Thomas Barrow (Left) in “Downton Abbey” Film (Image: Screengrab)

The first trailer for the upcoming Downton Abbey feature film has been released. It hits all the nostalgic notes and has the Crawley family getting ready for some royal guests. I hope Thomas Barrow finally finds happiness. He deserves it since everyone else got satisfying endings during the series finale.

The Downton Abbey series finale aired back on December 25, 2015. The show was highly successful, and it made sense when fans found it tough to say goodbye to it after six seasons. To a lot of fans, including myself, there were still a lot of stories left to be told.

I remember how glad I was when a feature film was announced. Now, we will finally be able to watch it come September 20, 2019.

Here’s the trailer!

For fans, there is a lot to be excited about.

From what I can tell, the Crawley family is preparing for the arrival of the King and Queen, more specifically, George V and Queen Mary.

To ensure everything is top-notch, Lady Mary reaches out to Carson for help. Also, I think Lady Mary is contemplating leaving Downton?

There seems to be a lot of romance in the air. Mary’s marriage to Talbot seems to be going well. Lady Edith is happy with her husband Bertie. Branson seems to be getting it on with Lucy. Everyone is in love!

That is why I hope the scene where Thomas is being kissed by another man leads to some kind of happiness for him. I have no idea who the new love interest is. He could be someone from the Royal family staff or someone local. I just hope it doesn’t end in heartbreak.

Let Thomas find a man who stays with him!

Yes, I know homosexuality was illegal in England during that time period (I think the film is set in 1927), but come on, those two can work something out, right? Especially when the Crawley family and the staff know about Thomas’ sexuality and are (kind of) okay with it.

My headcanon, after the series finale, had Thomas falling in love with a local flower shop owner (of my own creation). They were able to have a romantic relationship, even if it had to be kept a secret. But I’ll be okay with Thomas hooking up with a member of the Royal staff or someone who isn’t a flower shop owner in the upcoming film, if the endgame is Thomas being happy.

Here’s my trailer reaction!

Anyway, I just can’t wait to see the Downton Abbey staff interact with the guests. You know the people in the Royal staff are going to think of themselves as being far superior. It is going to be so much fun.

The cast includes Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley (7th Earl of Grantham), Laura Carmichael as Edith Pelham (Marchioness of Hexham), Jim Carter as Charles Carson, Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Talbot, Kevin Doyle as Joseph Molesley, Joanne Froggatt as Anna Bates, Matthew Goode as Henry Talbot, Harry Hadden-Paton as Herbert Pelham (7th Marquess of Hexham), Rob James-Collier as Thomas Barrow, Allen Leech as Tom Branson, Phyllis Logan as Elsie Hughes, Elizabeth McGovern as Cora Crawley (Countess of Grantham),  Dame Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley (Dowager Countess of Grantham), Geraldine James as Queen Mary, Simon Jones as George V, Tuppence Middleton as Lucy, Stephen Campbell Moore, Kate Phillips as Mary (Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood), and Imelda Staunton as Lady Bagshaw.

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey? Are you looking forward to the film? Let us know.

(Update: May 21, 2019)

Here’s another trailer (with new footage showcasing the staff) that was released.

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    On a separate note, do you have any plans to cover The Red Line on CBS? I feel like everybody slept on it because it aired when GOT was airing and they missed out on a fantastic show with an incredibly diverse cast and some great LGBTQ rep.

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