Emerald City Comic Con Calvacade of Cosplay!

Photo Mar 29, 5 31 55 PM (1)

 Sometimes, the best guests at our comic cons are those who redefine the fandom by dressing up.

These costumed players, or “cosplayers”, have become a prominent part to these large geek gatherings. They represent a kind of freedom to those that share our devotion to certain beloved characters by bringing them to life. In turn, peers would appreciate and cheer them on.

My favorite cosplayers are the lesser known obscure characters. To call them out by name often a brings a smile, or perhaps a thankful gesture, for recognizing their costume. For example: Italian Spider-man, Neil Gaiman’s “Death”, that Ithorian Jedi. My other favorites are creative variations of well-known characters turned into hipsters, gender-flipped, or in rare instances… Big Lebowskied. Next in favorites we get some amazing craftsmanship or added touches, giving more realism to the fantasy.

Here below is my photo gallery tribute to some recent cosplayer favorites from the 2014 Seattle Emerald City Comic Con.

Classic Bane, pumped up.

Photo Apr 03, 7 45 13 PM

Hawkman, Warrior of Thanagar.

Photo Apr 03, 11 19 47 AM

Teen Titans – Nightwing, Raven and Beast Boy (or Changeling, to us older fans).

Photo Mar 28, 3 22 57 PM

Batgirl (classic version) using some bad gadget.

Photo Mar 28, 7 37 32 PM

Joker and Harley cosplayin the Big Lebowski’s Dude and Maude, or is it the other way around?

Photo Mar 28, 9 37 46 PM

Minus World..you probably never heard of it. (Hipster Mario and Peach)

Photo Mar 28, 11 02 10 PM

Hipster Jokes are too mainstream for this Wonder Woman.

Photo Mar 29, 4 38 54 PM

Probably League of Legends, not sure.. My con thought – if it’s awesome and I don’t know what it is, it’s probably League of Legends.

Photo Mar 29, 4 44 33 PM

Mandalorian chic. (No, it’s not Boba Fett.)

Photo Mar 29, 4 47 23 PM

Ithorian Jedi, the most alien Knight.

Photo Mar 29, 4 54 20 PM

Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta, cosplay levels are over nine thousaaaand!!

Photo Mar 29, 4 58 44 PM

Batman, smiling.

Photo Mar 29, 5 02 03 PM

Lil’ Joker and Harley back from the Lil Arkham Playhouse

Photo Mar 29, 5 03 48 PM (1)

Dont ask Storm what happens when a lighting strikes a toad.

Photo Mar 29, 5 04 16 PM

“If anyone gets nosy, just you know, shoot ’em. …Politely” – Malcolm Reynolds

Photo Mar 29, 5 42 12 PM

“Shut your mouth pussycat and find me a macchiato, pronto!” – Italian Spider-Man

Photo Mar 29, 7 00 10 PM

Zatanna and Death. I miss the classic Vertigo DC era.

Photo Mar 29, 7 10 46 PM

Auriel from Diablo 3 with a brilliant lighting effect.

Photo Mar 29, 7 48 11 PM

Aquaman dares you to call him useless.

Photo Mar 29, 10 38 52 PM

Skeletor, She-Ra, and He-Man getting along. It’s like that Christmas Special all over again.

Photo Mar 30, 4 08 20 PM

Found him!

Photo Mar 30, 6 20 35 PM

“This Comic Con continue to bring me new friends, how thoughtful!” – Loki

Photo Mar 30, 8 57 46 PM

An indie creation, I was told. Not sure, but amazing work..

Photo Mar 30, 12 16 29 AM

Green Arrow and Black Canary – comics first and best superhero couple.

Photo Mar 29, 5 31 55 PM (1)

Author: Orion T

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