Experiencing ‘The Grasp of Nighttide’ with Author Sadaf Zulfikar!


Today we have author Sadaf Zulfikar with us – the author of The Grasp of Nighttide, a fantasy thriller about a girl named Alice who must find answers to her life by recovering her past. Check out our exclusive interview with the author where we talk about her work, inspirations, and more!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a poetess, freelancer, with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. I’m married to an amazing man and live in India. I love cats, novels, animated movies, and to imagine.  The Grasp of Nighttide is my first novel, with sequels yet to be written for the Grasp series.

When did you realize you were a writer?

I’ve been writing books since I was in middle school, but I had written them all for myself. Then I took a break from writing to concentrate on studies. Once I finished that I knew I had to write a book – and this time I would share it with the world.

Tell us about the other authors who have inspired your work.

Stephen King, Richelle Mead, and Amanda Hocking. But the first is Stephen King, as I thought of writing my own book only after reading The Shining.

Your favorite genre/s?

Paranormal, fantasy, and thrillers are my favorite genres.

What can you tell us about your book The Grasp of Nightide? What kind of readers will it appeal to?sadaf

The Grasp of Nighttide is mainly a fantasy thriller. It has a demonic group called Grasp who summon and control demons to stay alive. They have put an end to a lot of lives, and they are after the central character, Alice. Alice is abandoned and has amnesia. Being a mystery even to herself, she is endangered by threats beyond imagination. When her knight in shining armor, Derek, steps into her life, her life seems to be getting better. But there is also Stephanie – the daughter of a Grasp member, who wants to kill Alice. Every answer to Alice’s life lies in her past. But will she discover her past only to wish it never existed? What unravels is a fast-paced story of secret intentions, sacrifices for love, and the existence of a covert group that will come together in Alice’s puzzle of life.

My book is aimed at readers of paranormal, fantasy, thriller, and romance.

Any thoughts regarding traditional and self-publishing?

It is so easy to self-publish a book and share it with readers across the globe. But […] it is not all what it’s cut out to be. Authors are in charge of not only writing their book, but also hiring editors and monitoring them, getting designs for book covers, and not to forget the hardest part – marketing the book. After all the hard work there is no break for self-published authors, and it also throws them off track from their writing schedules. I can’t be thankful enough for the self-publishing platform as my book is out because of it; I could already connect to readers, instead of waiting for a publisher to pick my book up. But also at the same time I firmly believe that getting a book accepted by traditional publishers will lessen the burden on authors and allow them a break they very much deserve.

Are they any upcoming works we should know about?

The Darklit Sky is the next in the Grasp series. Other than the Grasp series these are other works I have decided to work on:

The Chloetia Series (26 days left)

                         Writing the series had never been so deadly

When author Juni Rodith finishes writing the book – ‘The Chloetia Series (39 days left)’ – in thirteen days, she takes her life by bleeding to death, by carving Chloetia all over her body. It is uncertain what made Juni take the drastic step – but Juni’s family blames it on Chloetia.

As the book becomes a hit worldwide, Ritchie Maxer is called in to write the next book in the series The Chloetia Series (26 days left). Ritchie pushes the theory away that Chloetia had anything to do with Juni’s death – mainly as Chloetia died long ago. His only goal is to complete the next installment of the best-selling book, and bask in the fame that would come to him afterward. But will it be so easy, or will Ritchie experience what Juni had?

You Broke My Heart… Not ME!

Heartbreak is inevitable when you are let down by the one you love. But will you let that set you back or will you stand up and express that you deserve better? And it isn’t about proving to the world, it is about proving it to yourself.

You Broke my heart.. Not ME! Is my collection of poetry on heartbreak – most of them written to tell a story, with each one revolving around the idea of this haiku:





You can get to know more about author Sadaf Zulfikar through her Goodreads page and by visiting her blog.

You can check out The Grasp of Nighttide on Amazon.

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