“Fall of the House of X” Issue 1 Has the X-Men Go to War Against Orchis

Fall of the House of X Issue 1 review
Fall of the House of X Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

With Orchis pushing the mutants toward extinction and wanting to destroy Krakoa, Fall of the House of X issue 1 had the X-Men finally mount a counterattack.

Let’s get something out of the way first. There was no reason for Orchis to have succeeded in harming mutant-kind to such an extent over the years, especially when it comes to the murderous stint they were able to pull during the recent Hellfire Gala. However, comic books have a story to tell. So, more often than not events play out in a particular manner due to certain plot demands, regardless of how strong superheroes might be. That’s why Orchis continued to be considered a threat in the comic book universe even though it didn’t make actual sense to readers.

Anyway, fortunately, it’s finally time for the X-Men and their allies to retaliate. Though I’m disappointed about the Krakoan Age coming to an end after debuting in 2019, I’m looking forward to seeing mutants not holding back when facing Orchis and other enemies to usher in a new era.

Written by Gerry Duggan, Fall of the House of X issue 1 opened with Cyclops narrating a recurring dream where he’s being sentenced to death. However, before he’s executed, Jean always showed up to save him. I really enjoyed the panel of Jean telekinetically making Scott hover in the air in front of the numerous people who wanted to see him dead. His dream linked to what he was going through in the real world. It was time for Scott to stand trial. He knew it was rigged against him and the rest of mutant-kind. But he also knew that everything would work out for the best (at least, for now). The X-Men were ready to break him out.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Jean and Cyclops, I do enjoy certain aspects of their relationship. Cyclops saying that death didn’t suit Jean went hard. Of course, Jean can’t stay dead. She’s basically a walking manifestation of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth itself. Cyclops had grown to love, respect, and fear Jean over the decades because she happens to be more than just your usual Omega-level mutant. However, I also like how, when commanding his team, he’s not afraid of standing his ground in front of her.

The debut issue did a good job of setting the stage for what’s to come during the inevitable mutant invasion of Earth to fight Orchis as well as certain twists that might appear in their way. Staying true to his messy self, Professor X didn’t waste a second when ordering Rasputin IV to leave her position during ‘Operation Save Slim’ because he wanted her to do something else instead. For the greater good, of course. Sigh! Charles will never change.

Polaris also decided to take matters into her own hands and contacted Broo in space. Apparently, she’s going to bring the parasitic Brood (who are under Broo’s control) to fight alongside the mutants.

X-Men Fall of the House of X Issue 1 review
Krakoa vs Nimrod in Fall of the House of X Issue 1 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Another highlight featured Nimrod Prime getting ready to kill Krakoa only for the most advanced robot to be stumped by a surprise attack from a sentient island. The quick sequence of Krakoa managing a successful attack on Nimrod Prime by himself and running away made me smile. I want to see more instances of Orchis being defeated.

With news of the X-Men quite possibly going back to their previous status quo of running a school on Earth, I wouldn’t be surprised if Krakoa ends up living inside said school to recuperate and also protect the mutants.

As for my gripe with Fall of the House of X issue 1, as a chapter showcasing an important moment for mutants everywhere, I was surprised that it didn’t include a single appearance by Storm. Ororo didn’t even show up when Kate used a gate to reach Arakko.

I wonder why such a decision was made, considering Storm’s close to Cyclops and should have had a say when it came to rescuing him and planning a massive attack against Orchis. Perhaps the narrative will explain Ororo was busy trying to bring back Magneto during the upcoming Resurrection of Magneto 4-issue miniseries. Hmm.

I guess Duggan and the rest of the X-Office wanted Al Ewing to tell his mini-story without interference (for now). I do expect to see Storm and Magneto showing up at the last second to lend much-needed aid as Fall of the House of X continues. 

Another thing I didn’t like was how this particular issue mentioned a crucial part of the overall plan being enacted by Tony Stark in Invincible Iron Man issues 14 and 15. I would have liked there to be a hint of what that plan was about in this issue because I don’t want to read Iron Man stuff! Hopefully, we will get a quick recap or something during the second chapter.

Anyway, this was a strong start to the (from what I can tell) five-issue series that’s supposed to conclude the iconic Krakoan Age. It’s time for the mutants to get a major win.

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