Gotham Confirms Penguin’s Romantic Feelings in “Follow the White Rabbit”

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It is official Gotham fans! “Follow the White Rabbit” has confirmed Penguin’s romantic feelings for Nygma.

I wanted to write about this the moment I finished watching “Follow the White Rabbit” this week. But I told myself to wait. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. Even though it was very obvious that Penguin was in love with Nygma, you can never be too sure when it comes to TV shows. The writers could’ve easily brushed it off as a platonic or some sort of brotherly love.

So, did Gotham really confirm that Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) harbors romantic feelings for Nygma (Cory Michael Smith)? Yes, it did!

It isn’t platonic and it isn’t brotherly. As far as I can tell, Penguin wants to marry Nygma and rule over the city together. “Follow the White Rabbit” showed Oswald being hesitant about sharing his feelings. However, he finally decided to tell Nygma during dinner. Everything was going smoothly until Nygma met someone who looked like Ms. Kringle, the woman he was obsessed with, and accidentally murdered.

“Follow the White Rabbit” closed with Penguin waiting at the dinner table, practicing his declaration of love, while Nygma connected with the Ms. Kringle look-alike. So, where will the two men go from here? I have no idea. The Ms. Kringle look-alike comes across as very suspicious and it isn’t going to end well for Nygma and Penguin. I mean, it wouldn’t be Gotham if everything ended on a happy note for everyone.

The decision to make Penguin queer for Nygma hasn’t been well-received by hurt fanboys. I get that they didn’t want the sexuality of an iconic fictional character to be changed for pushing the “gay agenda”, as they like to call it. But if they want canon representation then Gotham isn’t a place to look for it. Right from the premiere, it was obvious the show was going to take a lot of liberties with the Batman comic book canon.

The writers are on board with the Penguin/Nygma pairing. The fans are rejoicing. And the actors love it!

So, you can either join them or you stop watching Gotham, it is up to you. However, attacking people in the comment section just because they’re happy about Penguin/Nygma is bad form.

What are your thoughts about Penguin in ‘Follow the White Rabbit’? Does Nygma feel the same way? Let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Gotham Confirms Penguin’s Romantic Feelings in “Follow the White Rabbit”

  1. Loving it. They have more chemistry than any couple on the show. It’s a wonderful change of pace for writers to go with the flow and work with what they have rather than try and force more staid male/female chemistry free pairings (and superhero shows are the absolute worst for this..and DC/Marvel verse media in general). If it works and it makes sense within the show? I’m all for it. And this does. I’m just surprised/impressed that they had the balls to do it

    1. Same. I was very surprised that the show actually went through with it. Excited to see where it goes from here 🙂

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