Marvel’s The Punisher Gets New Cast Members and a Release Update

New Punisher Characters

Netflix, beloved home of quality Marvel television, has just released the names of five new cast members for Marvel’s The Punisher.

Some of these character descriptions technically qualify as spoilers. Read at your own peril. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the new players in Frank Castle’s world.

Paul Schulze plays corrupt CIA officer William Rawlins whose actions in Afghanistan put him in Frank Castle’s path. Jason R. Moore will take on the role of Army officer Curtis Hoyle. Marvel is calling him Castle’s friend and confidante, so his storyline might be a little different from canon where he’s actually a Punisher enemy. The other three newbies, Daniel Webber, Jaime Ray Newman, and Michael Nathanson, all get shiny new characters written for this series.

Bates Motel star Newman will be playing Sarah Lieberman, the wife of Frank Castle’s tech guru Micro. The closest Micro gets to a wife in the comics is a background mention of Jan, the mother of his son Louis, so it’ll be fun to see what they have in store for this original character. Will Sarah know about his criminal background “pre-retirement”? Does she have secrets of her own, or will she be stuck as a foil for Micro’s snarky comments?

Webber, who you may have seen as Lee Harvey Oswald on 11.22.63, plays a less openly villainous character in troubled young veteran Lewis Walcott. We don’t know much about his character yet, but he will likely serve as a mirror for Castle’s own history.

Nathanson will star opposite Amber Rose Revah’s Dinah Madani as Sam Stein, her partner at the Department of Homeland Security. Netflix is teasing a rivalry between Madani and Castle, which is pretty much all they’ve said about the pair so far.

The PunisherThis update also confirmed what fans have suspected: we can expect to see The Punisher next year, probably in around Fall since Iron Fist is due in the spring. When in Fall? You’ll know as soon as we do!

Author: Khai

Khai is a writer, anthropologist, and game enthusiast. She can talk fandom in five languages, and her proudest nerd moment so far was presenting original research titled “Gender, Sex, and Werewolves” at an international anthropological conference. Her first game, None For Me, is due out from Calico Games early next year.


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