Aftermath 1×5 Review: A Clatter and a Chatter

Aftermath A Clatter and a Chatter

This week’s episode of Aftermath titled ‘A Clatter and a Chatter’ introduced a new character while getting rid of an old one. On top of that, it also added more supernatural creatures into the mix.

I talked about Aftermath being a delight to watch in my previous review. It isn’t perfect but it has a sense of urgency that makes it quite an enjoyable show. Just don’t try to think too much and you’ll be fine.

‘A Clatter and a Chatter’ showed the Copeland family trying to drive away from Fever heads and then being saved by Booner played by Wayne Brady. I really liked Booner’s entrance on a horse which also made use of slow-motion and a grenade launcher.

After saving the Copeland family, Booner invited them to his stronghold. I understand why Joshua (James Tupper) didn’t agree with Booner’s methods but at least he has kept his people alive. The thing I’m really glad about was the show not doing a cliché love-triangle. There’s definitely chemistry between Karen (Anne Heche) and Boomer. The show could’ve easily gone down that path, with Booner trying to take Karen away from Joshua, but it didn’t.

Throughout the episode we see Karen hearing painful wails that no one else can hear. We get to find out that the wailing is from a Banshee. So, now we have Skin Walkers, Water goblins, man-eating vines, Dragons, and Banshees to deal with during the end of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aftermath continued to bring in other mythological creatures.

The interesting thing about this show is that it doesn’t take the convenient route of adding werewolves and vampires. I mean, they might pop up later but for right now I’m enjoying watching other supernatural beings show up on screen. I do have a few questions though. Is Karen the only one who can hear Banshee’s now or can other people hear them too if someone close to them is about to die? Does Karen share some sort of a connection to the supernatural?

Aftermath a chatter and a clatterThough Karen doesn’t make much of a fuss about the wailing, ‘A Clatter and a Chatter’ does tell viewers that someone is going to die. The death occurred at the end of the episode and I have to say that I’m quite sad about it. I liked Sally as a character. I had a feeling that she was going to die because of Karen hearing the wails but I was hoping the show wouldn’t go through with it. The whole scene where Karen lay beside her dead sister was quite emotional. Kudos to Anne Heche!

The big battle in ‘A Clatter and a Chatter’ had to do with Skin walkers possessing the bodies of Fever heads. I liked seeing Brianna (Taylor Hickson) talk to her father about the threat such a fusion gave rise to. She was right in assuming that the cleverness of Skin walkers and the rage of Fever heads was a dangerous combo. As a fan of Brianna, I appreciated the interaction. It showed that she was thinking about what was happening around her and wanted to be prepared. Ever since the premiere, Brianna has been on her own. I feared that she wouldn’t be as strong a character as before now that she’s back with her family. However, I liked Brianna’s role in this episode and I hope she continues being a capable female character.

Though the episode ended on a sad note, it did have some fun moments. I loved the lunch-scene between Brianna, Matt (Levi Meaden) and Dana (Julia Sarah Stone). Those three actually come across as siblings during their interactions together. Both Brianna and Dana told Matt to keep quiet when Martin, one of Booner’s people, hit on Dana. I’m not sure why the show decided to give Dana a love interest in such a way. I don’t even know what to make of it right now. So, let’s see where it leads or if it even leads to anything important or character defining.

Right now, Brianna has Devyn, and Dana has Martin (well, kind of). The only one left is Matt. I’m looking forward to seeing what the show decides to do with him as far as the romance department is concerned.

All in all, ‘A Clatter and a Chatter’ was an enjoyable episode of Aftermath. It was relentless for the Copeland family, with a whole herd of Skin walker/Fever head hybrids after them, and a death in the family. But it still managed to squeeze in a bit of humor and some enjoyable character interactions.

Did you watch Aftermath this week? What did you think of ‘A Clatter and a Chatter’? Let us know.

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