The Galaxy’s Edge Milk Stand Is About To Get More Weird Stuff!

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Mmmm Blue Milk

The infamous milk stand at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is about to expand their menu, and the new breakfast options sound delicious!

When I visited Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland last summer, I tried both flavors available at the infamous milk stand. It was too weird to miss out on so I just went all out ordering one of each flavor. They were very very tasty! Especially on a hot summer day.

Now news has come out that they’ll be expanding their menu beyond the basic beverages at the Walt Disney World version of Galaxy’s Edge to include some breakfast items, and it sounds super yummy. And quite a bit strange (of course).

WDW News Today broke down the new additions as follows:

[You’ll] be able to order the classic Green and Blue Milks, as well as the Bubo Wamba Family Farms Light-Up Souvenir Sipper that’s usually sold here, plus new breakfast items like a Green Milk Bread Pudding, Saka Farm Egg Bite, and a Wamba Yogurt Cup. (Alcoholic versions of both milks are also available in the morning… because sometimes, that’s exactly what you need after a morning of attempting to secure a Rise of the Resistance boarding group.)

The idea of expanding the menu a bit in general sounds like a good idea. I’m impressed with the food theming in Galaxy’s Edge already so I welcome more of it. I only hope this will be happening at both parks so I can try some of these yummy options when I return to Disneyland this summer. Most of the chatter, however, seems to be focused on Walt Disney World so I’m not sure my luck will hold out on that front.

Disneyland also doesn’t have any of the alcoholic options available, which is a total bummer. I’m not sure what the logic behind keeping these fun options at Walt Disney World and leaving Disneyland with just the basic milk options. They did, however, add the Toydaria option to the menu, which wasn’t there in July, so we got something at least. But it is what it is, I guess.

WDW News Today also does a price breakdown of the upcoming tasty tasty treats:

Green Milk – $7.99
Green Milk Bread Pudding – $6.49
Blue Milk Cooler – $14.00
Bubo Wamba Family Farms Light-Up Souvenir Sipper – $24.99
Saka Farm Egg Bite – $6.99
Green Milk Cooler – $14.00
Wamba Yogurt Cup – $6.49
Blue Milk – $7.99

While I will most likely be missing out on this awesome stuff because of my position closer to the west coast park, it’s still awesome anyway! And maybe if it does really well over in Florida, Disney will consider bringing it on over to our park, too. A girl can dream, you know?

Then again, they did just have a major leadership shakeup, so maybe I’m too hopeful that changes could come any time soon. I really don’t know how these changes roll out, so anything could happen I guess! Let’s keep that dream alive.

To summarize: I wanna get hammered on some blue milk and have some green milk bread pudding to soak up the booze. What could go wrong?

Author: Angel Wilson

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