Baby Yoda Merchandise Watch: Update #12: Toy Fair New York Roundup!


baby yoda
The Bounty Collection Baby Yoda figures.

Over the weekend, Jamie attended Toy Fair New York and there was a ton of Baby Yoda merchandise all over the show floor.

I have a Baby Yoda merchandise obsession. You may notice this is my twelfth update about the little guy, so perhaps you aren’t at all surprised by this. (You can keep track of all of my post updates over here). So I’ve been keeping my eye on all of her tweets over the weekend and screaming with absolute delight whenever she gave us a glimpse of the little guy and I’m dying to share all the good news with you.

So, let’s break down all the Baby Yoda merchandise that Jamie saw on the show floor…

tfny day 1 hasbro baby yoda
An overview of all the different Baby Yodas from Hasbro.


Hasbro already announced both their Baby Yoda minifigs and Baby Yoda animatronic prior to the Toy Fair, but we got to glimpse them up close and personal.  

Let’s focus on the animatronic first, since it’s one of the newest announcements and most talked about online right now. This particular piece of merch is incredibly reasonably priced at just $60 and has a ton of unique movements and sounds. It’s downright adorable. 

The toy also comes with the Mythosaur sigil necklace, which I would 100% buy on my own separately. At this time though, they come as a set. 

Check out the demo below from the Toy Fair show floor!

But there’s more that we haven’t seen yet, too. There are apparently Baby Yoda games?? Hasbro has taken some classic family games and given them a Baby Yoda twist, which… okay?

baby yoda merchandise

Trouble makes sense. Little Yodes is heaps of trouble. Half the plot of The Mandalorian is that he keeps getting Mando into trouble all over the place so yes, this works.

But Operation? Oh, dear. That’s a concerning game to play with a baby. It’s especially concerning since the poor kid being subjected to medical experiments was actually part of the plot of the first season. You, too, can poke and prod this adorable child! Sounds great.

But I digress… it’s great to see some new merch out there even if that bit is sort of creepy! I didn’t know these were coming until news came out of the Toy Fair, so that’s pretty cool.

Pivoting back to figures for a moment, we’ve also got The Mandalorian and Child from the Black Series. The detail on these ones is really great.

baby yoda
The Black Series Mandalorian and Child.

Here is a description of this one from Entertainment Earth:

You may think that’s Master Yoda, but it’s not. It’s The Child from the Disney+ The Mandalorian TV series! Scaled to fit in with your other 6-inch tall action figures, your Force-powerful little green friend stands about 1 1/2-inches tall and features 7 points of articulation – head, shoulders, hands, and feet. But that’s not all. This fantastic Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian The Child Action Figure also comes with bone broth bowl, a shift knob, and a desert toad. Add “Baby Yoda” (as fans like to call it) to your collection while you can! Ages 4 and up.

Baby Yoda, it is not, but that’s what many Star Wars fans have taken to calling this 50-year-old member of the Jedi Master’s species who is likewise powerful with the Force. One of only two other known members of Yoda’s unnamed species, The Child is a small toddler found and protected by the Mandalorian in the Star Wars: The Mandalorian TV series.

We also have the Mandalorian and Child from the new Mission Fleet line. Baby Yoda is holding the shift knob from the Razor Crest for this one. And my heart is melting.

hasbro tfny
Mandalorian and Child from the Mission Fleet line.

Here’s a description of this one from iO9:

Inspired by The Mandalorian, the “Battle for the Bounty” set features the show’s titular bounty hunter, who comes with not just his blaster rifle and pistol, but the jetpack given to him by the Armorer during the climax of the show’s first season. […] The bike the Mandalorian can be mounted on includes a projectile launcher that can be placed on multiple points on the vehicle, but the bike also has a second, very important attachment: Baby Yoda’s floating bassinet!

The Child’s container can be attached to the Mandalorian’s speeder or left to float as a standalone, but perhaps most important of all: Yes, it does include a removable Baby Yoda, depicted clutching the little silver joystick knob he was so enchanted by aboard the Razorcrest. Frankly, this might not just be the best accessory Mission Fleet has to offer so far, it might make the Mandalorian’s speeder bike the must-have set of the entire line.

All in all, Hasbro, brought their A-game with Baby Yoda merchandise. A+. Well done!

Pyramid America

Meanwhile, Pyramid America brought an adorable framed print of The Child, which is beyond cute. I would definitely hang this up on my wall.

tfny day 1 pyramid america


Let’s look on over at the NECA booth, where there was an adorable Chia Pet child. Yes, a Chia Pet!

I can’t tell if this is more or less strange than playing Operation on Baby Yoda. However, being the official Baby Yoda correspondent of The Geekiary, I can confirm I want this weird item regardless of the fact that 1) I’ve never been interested in Chia Pets before and 2) I can barely keep myself and my cat alive and probably shouldn’t take on a houseplant on top of everything else.

Bitty Boomers

There was Bitty Boomers Baby Yoda merchandise too, because these items are cute and Baby Yoda is cute, so it makes sense? Just take the cute item, okay? Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT.


The Baby Yoda Funko Pop! was one of the first things we reported on here, so it’s not exactly news, but at least we get to see it, you know? They had both the regular sized Pop! and the super-sized Pop! up on display, along with a ton of other stuff (check out Jamie’s Day 3 breakdown). I also broke down the Funko news in two articles already (1 & 2), so check those out!

That was all the official Baby Yoda merchandise news from Toy Fair New York 2020. Did we miss anything? Post below!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for up to date Baby Yoda merch news (this was all posted there first!), along with convention updates, cosplay, and other fun geeky things.

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