Baby Yoda Merchandise Watch: Update #5 – Disney Theme Parks Swag!

Baby Yoda Merch Theme Parks Walt Disney World

Baby Yoda merchandise is now available at the Walt Disney World theme parks, including as a MagicBand, cellphone cases, and magnets!

You can experience the Walt Disney World theme parks almost entirely hands-free thanks to the MagicBands bracelets, which link up to your Disney accounts.  These bands can unlock the door of your Disney Resort hotel room, tap you into the parks themselves, check in at FastPass+ entrances, connect Disney PhotoPass images to your Disney account, and charge food and merchandise purchases to your Disney Resort hotel room for those staying at resort hotels.  And now you can select a Baby Yoda MagicBand to wear during your stay!

At this time, it doesn’t look like you can purchase the specific Baby Yoda MagicBands online website, but WDW New Today took several photos of them available at the theme parks themselves.  It looks like there are four separate adorable designs that are much different than the single piece of concept art that was released on the first two waves of shirts (see Update #1 and Update #2).

Theses two specific MagicBands designs can also be found on T-shirts on Amazon in various configurations (1, 2).  The ‘Protect, Attack, Snack’ design was also spotted on a cellphone case in the park. 

This seems to be a new set of merchandise specific art that’s been rolled out fairly recently.  I expect it to start showing up on various items in places like Hot Topic, Her Universe, and the Disney Store rather soon.  Right now it seems to be exclusive to MagicBands and some cellphone cases available at the theme parks and the aforementioned Amazon shirts.

WDW New Today also spotted a magnet, which also seems to share artwork with a t-shirt on Amazon.  There’s also another cellphone case with, yep, another piece of art that’s on a shirt on Amazon.  There’s a definite pattern between the unique Baby Yoda merch in the theme parks and shirts on Amazon.  Super interesting!

Baby Yoda Merch Theme Parks Walt Disney World

These new designs are fun and adorable.  I’m glad they’re rolling out new stuff because there’s been quite a gap with the merchandise for what is very clearly an enormously popular character.  Even the Baby Yoda Funko POP! and plushy that we found a few days ago won’t be available for many months, but this release of merchandise is available now and can conceivably make it under a few Christmas trees. 

And on a completely unrelated note to my friends in Florida, I have an iPhone 8 and I adore both of those cell phone case designs.  This is absolutely coincidental piece of information.  This is not a hint.  I swear.  Anyway…

We’ll continue to keep an eye out on all things Baby Yoda merch related, and are consistently updating our first article ‘Where Are The Baby Yoda Toys?‘ with each individual update.  Check that page, or our general Geek Merchandise and Collectibles category for updates!


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