Baby Yoda Merchandise Watch: Update #8: Build-A-Bear

baby yoda build-a-bear

It’s been too many weeks since we’ve had any significant Baby Yoda merch news, but now we’ve got a Build-A-Bear opportunity coming our way.

For those of you not in the know, Build-A-Bear Workshops are a fun opportunity to build a completely customized plush doll.  Going to a workshop itself is an event for most people, with the bonus of leaving the shop with a special toy you built yourself.  Fans of The Mandalorian who aren’t keen on waiting until May for their pre-ordered plushies to arrive can head down and make one themselves.

It’s important to note that the materials to make your own Baby Yoda aren’t in the Build-A-Bear workshop right now, and CEO Sharon Price John didn’t drop an exact date for when the merchandise would become available at the ICR Conference held on Tuesday.  Based on her comments noted in Business Insider that they would be “one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon,” it sounds like they’ll beat that May delivery date.  All we know for sure is that’ll be there ‘”in the next few months.”

If you’re dying to find one of these, you can use this handy Build-A-Bear map to find a workshop near you.  And I’m not saying we are so obsessive that some of you may start calling these stores and figuring out exactly when the materials will magically appear in those shops, but I am saying all the tools you need to do just that are available right there.  Have at it, folks. 

And reminder: be nice to the workshop employees.  They are not responsible for any lack of details about when Baby Yoda will show up in their stores.

As an update to our ongoing Baby Yoda Merch watch, we’ve begun posting pictures of merch we stumble across on our Instagram.  For large updates, like this Build-A-Bear development, we’ll continue writing full articles.  But for smaller things, like variations on already existing merch, we’ll post pictures over there with information.  Be sure to give us a follow!

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