Now You, Too, Can Punch Baby Yoda…. But Why Though???

Baby Yoda Bop It

When you watched Jason Sudeikis repeatedly punch Baby Yoda in episode 8 of The Mandalorian did you think “gee, I want to do that.” First off, get help. But secondly, your dream has come true!

For some absolutely bizarre reason, Hasbro has released a baby Yoda Bop-It so that you can punch the child… for fun? Slashfilm has released the following tidbits about the strange piece of merchandise:

That’s right, this version of Bop It! looks like The Child that Star Wars fans fell in love with last year. It has the exactly same gameplay where an audio command tells you to bop, twist, or pull the figure, becomingly increasingly faster and more challenging to keep up with as time goes on. You might as well be that Scout Trooper who punched Baby Yoda in the head.

As you follow these commands, which will be given by The Mandalorian himself, you’ll hear sounds come from The Child. Presumably they will be the same baby sounds he makes in the movie, though we’re surprised he’s not screaming in pain from being tortured like this for some kind of heinous game.

Bop it! Hit it! Punch that baby! What the heck are we twisting though? This is just awkward! Why is this happening? Make it stop!

This isn’t the first piece of strange baby Yoda merch to hit the market. Back at the New York Toy Fair, it was unveiled that Hasbro was releasing a The Child themed Operation game. This was also super awkward as a major plot point of the first season is that the poor kid is being experimented on and poked and prodded for some as yet to be determined reason (he’s probably a clone, but we don’t know that for sure yet). So yes, you, too, can poke around at this child’s innards and pretend you’re experimenting on the poor creature.

What’s going on over at Hasbro? Seriously.

To be fair, Hasbro does have a lot of pretty awesome and pretty normal merchandise for The Child. The mini-figs announced back in December were particularly adorable. And normal. And not awkward. I’m not a serious mini-fig collector, but I’ve been seriously tempted to get these ones.

Part of me really hopes this Bop-it situation is a joke that’s spreading too far, like those signs that were supposedly put up at Galaxy’s Edge that turned out to be fake. But that was a cute prank, at least. And honestly, Disney should totally do it anyway. Heck, the park is closed indefinitely right now, so you might as well slap-up those signs. Why not? Give us something to look forward to when we get to the other side of the pandemic!

If it’s not a prank, though (and I have no reason to believe that it is as Slashfilm is a pretty reliable source), then someone over at the Hasbro creative team has a weird sense of humor and a lot of pull to make these weird things a reality.

What’s next? Baby Yoda hot potato? Please no more.

Author: Angel Wilson

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