Baby Yoda Merchandise Watch: Update #2


We posted about new Baby Yoda merchandise appearing on Her Universe last night, and now we’ve found even more. This time it’s through the Disney Store and Hot Topic.

The Disney Store has Baby Yoda shirts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), a mug, a cup, cell phone cases (1, 2), and a tote bag. Hot Topic has seven shirts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).  This merchandise features the same concept art as the previously mentioned Her Universe Baby Yoda merch. The only difference is that the Disney Store is the only place going beyond the ‘concept art on a plain shirt’ route.  They are putting the art on tank tops and accessories too.  But still, it’s the same picture everywhere.

This is a super interesting trend.  And by ‘super interesting’ I mean ‘somewhat disappointing but entirely understandable.’ 

It’s clear there’s a pattern emerging with this merchandise.  All the merchandise that’s been released is quick to make, vague, and something that could have been easily ordered off of one of the many self printing shirt and mug shops found online, but it’s being sold under an official license, likely to push back against the rapidly growing bootleg Baby Yoda merch market.

I still maintain that toys would be far riskier than these quick and dirty shirts and accessories because they’d likely have to label an official name on the packaging.  When it comes to shirts and mugs, they would only need to update the listing, and not any sort of complex packaging that would have already been sent to print.  It’s clear at this point that they want to keep that sort of information locked down as tightly as possible, likely due to the fact that the reveal could carry some heavy plot implications.

They are playing this extremely close to their chest.  They want to cash in on the early buzz and fandom craving for merchandise, but don’t want to back themselves into a corner or spill the beans about what’s the come.

Please give me a plushie. I need a plushie. And a POP!

UPDATE: Similar merchandise can now be found online at Amazon, Zazzle, Design By Humans, Walmart, and 80’s Tees.  It’s generally all the same design with little variance so far.

Author: Angel Wilson

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