GUTS Update Available for PC! Console Versions Announced!

GUTS game Libredia update

Libredia Entertainment GmbH and developer Flux Game Studios have released a massive update for their over-the-top fighting game on PC titled GUTS. Console versions of the title have also been announced.

If you have been looking for a gory fighting game then GUTS might be what you need.

Here’s the official description:

GUTS is a hilarious, ultra-violent Tarantino-style fighting game with a gameplay unique to the genre. The game doesn’t feature a traditional health bar, instead fighters must rip off their foes’ arms and legs and deliver a final GUTS blow to win. If the player loses a limb during the fight, the action continues, while the player will now even have different moves to fight his opponent. The brightly colored, hilarious spectacle also features a stunning rock soundtrack.

Here’s the blood-filled trailer!

The new update brings a multitude of improvements to the game. The update not only enhances gameplay but also makes the title more accessible for new players entering battle. A complete overhaul of the fighting system, through the update, allows for faster and more fluid action.

The main changes through the update are:

  • Full rework of the ‘move’ system, with rebalancing and streamlined controller input.
  • After losing a limb, the remaining body parts now allow for more powerful combos and moves, giving the player a chance for a big comeback.
  • All GUTS moves have been optimized and can be executed quicker and more fluidly. Also, every character now features two GUTS moves.
  • Players can now specifically select the limbs to target with their GUTS moves.
  • New blocking system; the blocks are easier to pull off and now feature an energy bar, that, if depleted, can lead to dizziness of the character.
  • New lighting, many new graphic effects, higher framerates and a more streamlined gameplay experience with optimized integration of bullet time lead to a more fluid gaming experience.

As for the console versions of the indie game GUTS, they are currently in development and are looking at an Autumn 2018 release date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can visit Libredia’s official website for more information.

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