Hit The Floor Season 4 Cast Video Shares Some Exciting New Scenes!

HTF S4 cast video Hit the Floor cast
Kyle, London, and Jamie in Hit the Floor Season 4 (Image: Screengrab)

Allow me to direct your attention to a fun Hit the Floor Season 4 ‘Meet the Cast’ video. Not only does the HTF S4 cast video feature characters you can expect to see, it also has new footage to be excited about.

If you read the articles I write for this website then you already know I love Hit the Floor. So, of course, I am doing what I can to keep you all updated while we wait for the July 10, 2018, premiere of the show’s fourth season. The 30-second promo was everything and now fans have a 5-minutes long HTF S4 cast video to enjoy.

We already know Hit the Floor season 4 is going to introduce a number of new characters. So, it is good to learn a bit more about them as well as have a sneak peek at some of the scenes they are in.

The cast video opens up with McKinley Freeman talking about his character Derek Roman. Then we have Katherine Bailess describing Kyle Hart. We get a scene where Kyle is asking Teyana Taylor’s London Scott to give her time to talk about something. Kyle also shares a scene with Kyndall’s Jamie Lawson.

We move on to Kyndall talking about Jamie Lawson. She describes her character as a “young, bright, sort of undiscovered star.” We also get a scene between Jamie and London talking about what happened during a dance.

Teyana Taylor tells us about London, a well-known choreographer who got stuck in a big scandal and is now trying to come back after hitting rock bottom.

Jonathan McDaniel will be returning as German Vega as will Jodi Lyn O’Keefe as Lionel Davenport. Lionel, who is in charge of a sports network called ISN this year, has the best little scene with Logan Browning’s Jelena Howard!

Of course, Brent Antonello is back as Jude Kinkade. His introduction is followed by Kristian Kordula talking about his character Noah, a sideline reporter for ISN. And yes, something is going to happen between Noah and Jude or at least, that’s what it looks like.

Cort King tells us about Pax Lowe, an innocent rookie who I guess is okay with changing clothes in front of Coach Pete and the other players. The video ends with Tiffany Hines introducing Eve, a character who has mysterious ties to the league.

Check out the Hit the Floor Season 4 cast video!

Getting early screeners for content I like to review has spoiled me. Someone over at BET needs to have mercy and let me watch the entire fourth season of Hit the Floor right now. Sigh!

Anyway, let’s see what Hit the Floor season 4 has in store for us. It will air on BET on July 10 at 10 p.m. EDT.

You can go ahead and binge-watch the previous three seasons.

Did you enjoy the HTF S4 cast video? Let us know.

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