Snowpiercer 2×09 & 2×10 Review – “The Show Must Go On” & “Into the White”

Into the White Snowpiercer Season 2 episode 10 review
Josie in “Into the White” (Image: Screengrab)

The double-episode finale of Snowpiercer season two gave us a lot of intense moments, character development, and set things up for the third season.

After apprehending Layton in the previous episode, ‘The Show Must Go On’ opened with Wilford taking control of Snowpiercer and those loyal to Layton wondering what’s going to happen next. Throughout the episode, I was quite worried about Bess and Ruth’s fate. With everything going back to operating as it did before the rebellion, people tried to display their importance to Wilford so he would give them certain privileges or at least keep them around.

With Layton taken off the board, Wilford’s priority shifted to extinguish the light of hope Melanie ignited when she walked off Snowpiercer to collect data about which locations were growing warmer. Wilford couldn’t risk passengers wondering about starting a life outside the train. He needed to keep them inside and continue worshipping him as their sole savior.

I liked how Wilford decided to launch a small carnival to win passengers over. Not only that, the puppet show was chock-full of propaganda against Melanie. Wilford needed to make everyone think she had died out there. Part of his plan involved Ruth and I loved how she stood up to Wilford. Even when she was offered the position of the Head of Hospitality, Ruth declined. There’s no way she was going to lie about Melanie dying and urging passengers to continue bowing to Wilford.

‘The Show Must Go On’ was all about how crazy Wilford could become when things didn’t go his way. He’s clearly a very insecure man, which is a shame because he’s got a brilliant mind. If only he had applied his intellect for the greater good.

Alex revealing how Wilford killed the ill and elderly in Big Alice to hoard resources displayed how far he was willing to go to ensure a comfortable life for himself. Wilford had to be dealt with and fast.

Also, shoutout to actor Sam Otto, who plays Oz, giving us an emotional musical performance while playing the piano for Wilford. Similar to the rest of the characters, I had no idea Oz could sing and play so well. I’m still not a fan of him growing romantically closer to LJ, though. She’s dangerous.

With ‘The Show Must Go On’ being a bit slow-paced and focusing a lot on Wilford, ‘Into the White’ offered a lot of action and intensity. It was time for Layton to break out of prison and seize control of Snowpiercer. I loved seeing Layton and Ruth working together. The two have come a long way over the course of the second season. They fully trust each other now. Melanie was right when she told Layton about keeping Ruth by his side (a couple of episodes ago).

While Wilford’s concerned about making passengers lose hope, Layton was focused on bringing Melanie back to the train. Layton’s plan to separate 10 cars from Snowpiercer and then taking said small train to pick up Melanie made sense. However, it was easier said than done.

One of the things I have continued to enjoy about this show is that the writers don’t forget how cunning Wilford’s supposed to be. He knows the train better than anyone, especially Layton and his crew. I laughed when Wilford shared he knew what Layton was up to and then proceeded to effortlessly sabotage his plan.

However, even though Wilford’s smart, he can’t stop seeing people as mere tools. He failed to anticipate Josie playing an integral role in getting Layton’s plan back on track. ‘Into the White’ also had Wilford yell at Alex for being a tool to emotionally hurt Melanie. His words clearly hurt Alex because Wilford’s been a father figure to her. But, at least, she finally saw him for who he was and decided to part ways for good. 

With Layton, Bess, Ben, Alex, and Josie separated from Snowpiercer, I’m looking forward to seeing how they will reconnect with Snowpiercer and share Melanie’s data with everyone when season three comes around.

Speaking of Melanie and what happened to her in ‘Into the White’, I’m not sure she’s dead. I have a feeling she found a way to survive. We didn’t see Josie’s dead body back in season one. And, surprise! She appeared in the second season. With the finale not showing Melanie’s dead body, I think she will find a way to return. I have the same opinion about Javi. Yes, he got beaten up. But I think he’s still alive.

There’s a lot that can happen on Snowpiercer before Layton and his crew manage to reconnect. The passengers are without Layton as their leader and Wilford’s in charge. And you know Wilford holds grudges. He’s going to make a lot of people pay for siding with Layton. I hope nothing too bad happens to Ruth. I know Layton has Audrey as a hostage and a guarantee Wilford won’t harm his people. But I wouldn’t put it past Wilford to figure out a way to make the lives of Layton’s supporters miserable without outright killing them.

I can’t wait for Snowpiercer season 3 (it’s already been renewed and has been filming).

What did you think of ‘The Show Must Go On’ and ‘Into the White’?

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