‘Lazy Eye’ Movie Review – What To Do If Your Ex Decides To Come Back?

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Lazy Eye is a wonderful and relatable romantic drama that’ll strike the right chords with you.

When I first started watching Lazy Eye, I was expecting it to focus more on comedy and having a predictable end, which is cliché for most romantic films. However, I was proven wrong. Writer/Director Tim Kirkman does a wonder job of telling a story about two grownups. The film opens with Dean (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe) being contacted by Alex (Aaron Costa Ganis), his ex that left him 15 years ago. Though Dean hesitates a bit he finally decides to meet with Alex. And from there the film starts to fill in the gaps of the story. It starts turning into a title that can be considered as one of the best queer films ever released.

What I liked about Lazy Eye was that the lead characters were flawed. Both Dean and Alex have made mistakes and they have issues to deal with. The flaws made the whole thing relatable to me. This is a film meant for adults, with characters remembering the time when they were young, where they currently are, and what’s in store for them ahead. The sexuality of both characters isn’t a factor. Both men are open and this makes Lazy Eye different from numerous other queer films that deal with coming out. Alex and Dean talk about marriage, love, having kids, etc. in a very normal manner. Not once are these things considered to be out of the realm of possibility in the world they live in.

The beautiful Southern California desert setting also adds a lot to the film. The characters are kind of secluded from the rest of the world. It allows viewers to focus on Dean and Alex as they talk about their lives when they were together, apart, and possibly being a couple again.

While the film does explore the question about what you should do if you’re ex decided to come back, it is also far more than that. It is a story about growing up and realizing that even though making a decision might be hard, where you are at present is probably the right place for you to be.

Here’s the trailer for Lazy Eye in case you’ve missed it.

You can watch Lazy Eye in Los Angeles and New York theaters on November 11, 2016. You can also watch it on VOD as well as own a DVD on 15th November 2016.

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