Gotham 3×18 Review: Light the Wick

Gotham Light the Wick Review

This week’s episode of Gotham showed how dumb a secret organization the Court of Owls is. “Light the Wick” again put Gordon in danger even though we know nothing is going to happen to him.

I can’t take the Court of Owls seriously. They are supposed to the ones running Gotham, but they have failed to be intimidating. Everything Kathyrn did in “Light the Wick” further proved the group’s incompetence. There was no reason for them to bring in Gordon, especially this close to Gotham’s cleansing. Why do they want Gordon anyway? He literally brings nothing to the team except for being someone who is going to delay their plans. The court should’ve put him in a cell.

One thing I liked about “Light the Wick” was how it brought Alice’s blood, the Executioner, and Hugo Strange back into the fold. It helped the final episodes link to the arcs that opened season three. Is the Executioner going to kill James? Of course not. But I think it is going to serve as a way for Lee to see how dangerous Alice’s blood can be.

That’s what I don’t like about Gordon’s storyline. Bad people want to hurt Jim but people around him get killed instead. I liked how Lee blamed Jim for Mario’s death. She has a point. Villains wanted to get rid of Gordon and so everyone else ended up being collateral damage. He does ruin lives.

Coming to the rest of the characters, Bud Ivy was able to heal Kitty Selina after the attack. After asking myself the question, I’m glad that “Light the Wick” showed that Ivy’s mind controlling perfume did work on people regardless of sexual preference. As a comic book character, Poison Ivy is known for controlling humans regardless of gender so it made sense for Bud Ivy to do the same in Gotham.

Kitty Selina is okay (I guess) and with knowing about Bruce’s clone, I’m looking forward to seeing how she handles the situation.

As for Nygmobblepot shippers, Oswald and Ed finally met during the closing minutes of “Light the Wick.” I get that Oswald tried to choke Ed, but those two need to work together if they hope to escape from the Court of Owls. I wonder how the show is going to deal with their relationship.

With the Court of Owls planning to make Gotham go mad because of Alice’s blood, I’m not sure where Baby Bruce fits in. The shaman is training him to get rid of his emotions and feeding Baby Bruce a false sense of being the destined hero. Maybe not feeling emotions will help make Baby Bruce immune to Alice’s virus?

Also, Gotham season 4 will air on Thursdays.

Did you watch Gotham this week? What did you think of “Light the Wick”? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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