Supergirl 2×21 Review: “Resist”

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“Resist” has basically become the motto of the younger generation, so it’s unbelievably appropriate that it’s the title of this week’s episode of Supergirl. It’s also fitting that our heroes have to join forces with Lillian Luthor, because sometimes you have to seek help from people you oppose in order to fight the greater enemy.

Rhea and her Daxamite soldiers have basically instituted martial law in National City in “Resist”. Her calm speech about peace and cooperation is nicely contrasted with scenes of soldiers gunning down innocent people in the streets. It’s almost funny, until you realize that it’s not really funny at all. Rhea looks down on humans; she thinks that she, and the Daxam race, are superior, and she doesn’t even think twice about colonizing and enslaving an entire planet so that her people can find a new home. That sounds uncomfortably familiar.

Supergirl Resist Cat Olivia“Resist” is definitely all about the women. Aside from the much-anticipated return of Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, Lynda Carter also reprises her role as President Olivia Mursdin. After an entire season of teases, we finally have confirmation that Olivia is an alien — a Durlan refugee — and it’s kind of anticlimactic. For all the dark hints, Olivia is more like Kara than Rhea or any of the other alien villains. This is a good lesson, though; it teaches us that we shouldn’t judge people and that you never know when something will affect someone you care about. Olivia is so big on alien refugees because she is one and she knows what it’s like.

And of course we have the return of Cat Grant, who in true Cat Grant fashion a) is friends with the President, b) receives a call from Madeleine Albright, c) tries to broker peace, and d) gives multiple inspiring speeches. It’s her final speech — the distraction needed so that Kara and Lillian can sneak aboard the Daxamite ship — that was probably the greatest minute of this entire season. It was a genuine call to arms, a plea — no, a demand — to resist an oppressive regime that is seeking to make a world great “again” without understanding what makes it great in the first place. I want that speech as my ringtone.

Supergirl Resist Lena LillianIn addition, we have Alex and Maggie breaking into the Daxamite-controlled DEO building in order to access the positron cannon on the roof. And I have to mention both ladies’ narrow escapes from Daxamite soldiers at the beginning of “Resist”, which included Alex jumping off the building and still managing to make her shot. And I had to wait almost the entire episode, but Lena — and Mon-El — rescued themselves before being rescued by Kara, Lillian, and Cyborg Superman. Of course, Lillian betrayed Kara and escaped with Lena, but Lena was having none of it — and Kara had planned for that anyway. I’ve noticed some not-so-subtle foreshadowing that indicates Lena may go evil, but I think that this episode pretty firmly cements her in the “good” camp. She agrees to marry Mon-El to save a children’s hospital, and she’s angry with her mother for abandoning Kara and Mon-El after they helped rescue her. After Lillian and Kara’s conversation, about how Lillian knows Kara’s identity but hasn’t told Lena, I kind of hope that Kara tells Lena the truth about Supergirl by the end of the season — if only to spite Lillian and prove her wrong.

Kara’s optimism is perhaps one of her strongest attributes; Supergirl is, at its core, a hopeful show. However, sometimes her willingness to see the good in others is a weakness. I’ve mentioned before that sometimes the lessons Kara learns don’t stick, and “Resist” is a prime example. She wants to give Rhea one last chance to surrender gracefully and does so over Mon-El’s repeated objections. Sometimes I wish Kara would listen to other people, but then I guess she wouldn’t be Kara if she did so.

In this case, she should have listened to Mon-El. With Kara still on the ship, Alex is hesitant to use the positron cannon, and her hesitation is just long enough to allow the cannon to be destroyed. But that’s not nearly as bad as Rhea’s final trump card — she has some how taken control of Superman.

What did you guys think of “Resist”?

Author: Jamie Sugah

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