Marvel’s Civil War II Kills Off Two Heroes in Very First Issue

Iron Man and Captain Marvel fight in Civil War II

Marvel’s much promoted Civil War II crossover event has begun, and it raised the stakes by killing off two well-known characters in the very first issue.

This post contains spoilers regarding Civil War II Issue 1. You have been warned!

Civil War II is a major Marvel comic book crossover event for 2016. The main story, written by Brian Michael Bendis, will last for seven issues — along with numerous tie-in titles. The premise of the event revolves around a new Inhuman named Ulysses. His power to see the future splits the Marvel comic book universe into two. One group wants to protect the future while the other wants to change it.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) are the main players of this event and represent the two sides. Carol wants to use Ulysses to stop devastating events before they occur while Tony doesn’t want people playing God and stopping someone before they even know they’re going to do something bad. The first issue presents these concerns in an entertaining light; however, the deaths of two Marvel heroes is what truly pits Tony and Carol against each other.

By listening to Ulysses and ambushing Thanos before he can attack Earth, Carol led War Machine to his death. She-Hulk also got badly injured and lost her life after the mission. Both Tony and Carol have suffered because of what they believe in, and I can’t wait to see how the current conflict gets resolved. Where do you stand in all of this? Are you Team Captain Marvel or Team Iron Man?

Marvel also teased another death in the current series! It better not be a character I like. There’s also the Death of X event coming up. While we don’t have a lot of details regarding the mutant-centric event yet, Marvel has released a lot of grim variant covers. What is up with Marvel and focusing on death this year?

Have you read Civil War II Issue 1 yet? What did you think of it? Let us know!

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