Meet YA Sci-Fi writer A.C. Waltower!


Today I have author A.C. Waltower with me. She’s the writer of the young adult sci-fi novel “Hydro”, which is Book 1 in her Aurelia series. Check out our exclusive interview, where we get to know more about the author, her current book series, and more!


10712993_343020535881754_8762403616904167450_nTell us a bit about yourself.

I am 28 years old, born and raised in San Diego, CA, and the second oldest of six children.

When did you decide to become a writer?

I’ve always loved writing and reading. About 3 years ago, I got the strong urge to start writing the stories that were forming in my mind. But it took me about a year after that to get the courage to tell my friends and family I wanted to be a writer.

What do you love about the genres you write in?

I love YA! I like the innocence of the characters and the crazy and unexpected twists and turns in the plots and story lines.

Are there any authors who have inspired you?

Every author that I have every read has inspired me to write my own stories.

What can you tell us about Aurelia: Hydro? What kind of readers will enjoy reading it?

Aurelia: Hydro is an action packed science-fiction novel. It will appeal to readers who like fast paced young adult novels. It’s been compared to novels, such as The Hunger Games and TV shows like The 100.

Can you tell us a bit about the dynamics between the characters in your book, Ziva and Blake?

Ziva and Blake’s relationship is a very curious one. Ziva is very intrigued by Blake’s upfront personality, while Blake is interested in Ziva’s upbringing.

Are there any upcoming works of yours that we should know about?

My next novel to be released is Awakened, which is the first novel in the Tsela series. It will be out February 13th. Right now, I am currently working on Isom’s Secret, the second novel in the Aurelia series. It has a tentative release date of March 27th.


You can connect with author A.C. Waltower through her website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Google+.

You can check Hydro (Aurelia Book One) on Amazon.

Have you read works by A.C. Waltower yet? Let us know!

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