Naruto Gaiden – Naruto x 702 Review: The Boy With The Sharingan


This week’s manga issue of Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage – The Boy with the Sharingan picked up right where the previous issue ended, and Masashi Kishimoto gave his readers a lot of plot twists to take in. I don’t know about you all, but I’m definitely enjoying the new spin-off series.

I liked how Sasuke was able to sense the enemy while travelling in a forest and felt bored about the upcoming encounter. He even let out a little sigh. While the fight didn’t last long, his opponent was revealed to be a small boy with the sharingan.

This will no doubt get the fans to talk. The little boy escaped before Sasuke could interrogate him and reported back to a mysterious figure wearing an Akatsuki cloak. The mysterious man wanted Sasuke dead because he killed Itachi. Kudos to Kishimoto because he knows how to get fans riled up while they wait for the next installment.

narutoWho’s the little kid with the sharingan? His face felt weirdly drawn to me. He had a creepy, created-in-a-laboratory kind of look. I don’t think he’s a real human being, but I could be wrong and the kid could end up being related to Itachi and Sasuke somehow. I can’t wait for the future issues to reveal the true identity of the kid and the mysterious figure.

The plot progressed Salad’s story a bit further. I still can’t understand why Sakura wasn’t out of bed yet. I guess Kishimoto didn’t want her to be awake. Having her remain unconscious has indeed allowed Kishimoto to not write about Salad pestering Sakura about her real parentage. I know Salad asking if Sakura really is her mother doesn’t make sense, but it’s a fun plot I’m willing to follow.

Chou-Chou also felt that she was nothing like her parents. I liked how Mitsuki, the mysterious boy we saw sitting next to Boruto in the previous issue, told Chou-Chou she was just going through a phase. I agree with him because Chou-Chou is clearly like her parents in the looks department.

Having read Naruto for years I know that Kishimoto is a good writer. What I didn’t realize was that he could write an amazing friendship between two little girls. I’m loving the friendship between Salad and Chou-Chou. It’s refreshing to see two female characters talking about stuff other than who they have a crush on.

While Salad and Chou-Chou decided to follow Naruto and meet up with Sasuke in the process, I have a feeling Naruto will sense the two girls. Will he tell them to go back? It is possible, but I do hope Salad gets to meet her father soon. I want Sakura and Sasuke to meet, too. It’s been years and still I have no idea how the two ended up having a kid together.

Did you read Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage – The Boy with the Sharingan? Do you think the strange-looking kid is one of Orochimaru’s test subjects and Kakashi’s suspicion is true? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Naruto Gaiden – Naruto x 702 Review: The Boy With The Sharingan

  1. May be survivor from uchiha clan… I think itachi tricked and saved some uchihas before killing everyone.:… So those survivors want to Take revenge on sasuke as he killed Itachi… (Just a guess though)

  2. For the first time i read the comic, i think the boy is itachi’s son. But it seem impossible because they don’t look alike at all. So he might be Orochimaru’s test subject, or both. Itachi’son who became Orochimaru’s test subjeck. Don’t forget Danzo should have had more sharingan in his keeping…

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