Naruto Gaiden – Naruto x 707 Review: A Genetic Slave


I don’t know why Masashi Kishimoto is doing what he’s been doing with the current members of the Uchiha clan. If someone told me a few months back that the main story of Naruto Gaiden will revolve around Salad finding out who her real mother is I wouldn’t have believed them. For me Naruto Giaden – The Seventh Hokage: A Genetic Slave ended up creating more questions and answered none.

The fact that Shin Uchiha was an old experiment of Orochimaru only cemented the possibility that Naruto can go on for years with each new villain being another experiment of one of the Legendary Sanin.

There was a lot of talk about clones and genetics and whether or not clones can be considered human. I still don’t know why Sakura didn’t punch her way out of the enemy’s hideout and refused to do the liver transplant. I guess Kishimoto made her do it for plot purposes and to explain about Shin.

11425094_398811353636005_4334253219397336485_nSeeing old faces was nostalgic. We didn’t see team Taka and Yamato in 700 so it was good to know what they were up to. I liked Chocho’s little joke about being confused about Orochimaru’s gender. Does anyone know if Orochimaru even has a gender preference? He surely doesn’t look like someone who has a problem with wanting to live in a specific kind of body. I think he’s fine as long as the body is functional whether it’s male or female.

The major portion of the manga was definitely building up to Salad finding about her true mother. Having Suigetsu perform the DNA test did come across as comedic because he isn’t the smartest character around. I still don’t believe that Karin is Salad’s real mother and Suigetsu could’ve made a mistake during the test for all we know. I think it’s just Kishimoto’s way to troll with readers and give Salad something to be emotional over in order to activate her Sharingan.

Reason to love Chocho this week? She offered her last bag of salt flavored chips to mend things between Sasuke and Salad. She also wondered whether or not Orochimaru would be her father or mother if they were indeed related.

What did you think of Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage: A Genetic Slave? Do you think there was a mistake in the DNA test? Let us know!

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