Naruto Gaiden – Naruto x 706 Review: Unevolving Species


Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage keeps getting better with every issue. While we still don’t know much about the new antagonist our heroes are facing, we did get to know a bit about his philosophy in Unevolving Species this week.

Ever since Shin Uchiha came into the story, I was curious about why he used so many weapons during battle. His fight with Sasuke revealed that his Sharingan gave him the unique ability to manipulate weapons in any way imaginable. He put a seal on Sasuke’s katana and then controlled it to stab Naruto. His weapons also had the ability to move through Naruto’s tailed-beast cloak.

I can tell some fans might not like how the battle turned out. It felt as if Naruto and Sasuke were deliberately holding back and that caused them to get hurt. I think Masashi Kishimoto wanted the two to hold back. We all know that the two going all out during battle causes their powers to destroy everything in sight. They also had two kids to look after and couldn’t risk being reckless. The only question I have is why Sasuke didn’t produce his Susanoo to protect Salad from the kunai. Did he not want to risk Shin’s weapons piercing it too?

Shin’s main motive seemed to focus on destroying the peace Naruto gave rise to because it impeded humans from evolving. He also wanted to bring the Akatsuki back.

I really want to know more about Shin and how he came to possess the Sharingans he implanted all over his body. He still doesn’t feel like an opponent worthy of battling Naruto, and I think there’s someone else controlling him from the shadows.

11126904_396681417182332_2520885092664305597_oWhile I was worried about Sakura being kidnapped, Kishimoto made her shine this week. Naruto and Sasuke got hurt by Shin, and seeing Sakura ending the battle with a single punch was awesome. She did get sucked into the time-space dimension jutsu later on, but I think it is part of Kishimoto’s plan to explain more about Shin’s past. He doesn’t care about his creepy-looking kids, and I’m curious to see whether or not Sakura agrees to perform surgery on Shin at the expense of his son.

I’m still waiting for Sasuke, Salad, and Sakura to have a mature family conversation about the issues Salad has been facing. This week’s manga issue did touch on the topic, but I think Kishimoto is going to make us wait a bit longer.

Reason to love Chocho this week? The panel showing her munching away on chips while Sasuke battled Shin was hilarious!

Did you read Naruto Gaiden – The Seventh Hokage: Unevolving Species? What did you think of Naruto and Sasuke getting injured? Will Sakura help Shin? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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