Naruto x 672 Review: Night Guy…!!


The best thing about this week’s issue was that it didn’t waste time. I was expecting a lot of flashbacks regarding Might Guy as he fought Madara, but Kishimoto delivered a very entertaining chapter and I hope the pace continues. So, let’s get to it.

I loved the Guy and Madara fight. The leaf village ninja gave his all during the fight. The flashback showed how Guy never gave up even though he didn’t know any ninjutsu. Kakashi also acknowledged Guy’s strength to succeed his own. I agree with him. The Five Kages combined couldn’t deal half the damage Guy has been able to inflict, even when Madara was just a reanimation when he fought with them. Ever since Guy opened the last gate I was expecting his death. The characters are currently in a war and the only major casualty they have had is Neji. I was expecting the death toll to be higher. It’s a war after all. Characters should be dying left and right.

Sure enough, Naruto came in to save Guy and I was very disappointed. When authors give us flashbacks about a character that seem to complete their development I expect them to die. The panels Kishimoto used to show us Guy’s and even his father’s past seem like a waste of space now. They have been dragging the story for weeks and I only tolerated them because I thought those panels would be the last we’ll be seeing of Guy. But no! Naruto jumped in, kicked Madara’s attack away, and gave Guy his life force back. Why, Kishimoto? Why? Guy would’ve looked amazing giving his life to protect the world.


Other than the Madara and Guy fight, nothing much happened in the chapter. We still don’t know for sure the new powers the Sage of the Six Paths gave Naruto and Sasuke. There’s a mark in the shape of the Sun on Naruto’s hand, or is it a full moon? I couldn’t tell. And a crescent moon appears on Sasuke’s hand. Whatever the case I’m certain Sasuke has awakened the Rinnegan and that’s why his eyes weren’t shown in this chapter. On the other hand, Naruto’s eyes are the same as the one’s we saw when he combined his Sage and Kurama powers. Those eyes were to be expected now that all the tail-beasts are inside Naruto.

Even though Madara was close to dying, his body had already started to heal. Naruto might be stronger now but I don’t think he’s at Guy’s level yet. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the fight. As far as Sasuke is concerned, I think he will help Naruto in order to try and defeat Madara. I used the word ‘try’ because I think the Sage of the Six Path’s weapons will come into play very soon. We know Ten Ten has them. I think she will make an entrance and possibly trap Madara or tell Naruto and Sasuke how to use the tools.

I’m worried about Orichimaru being alive. Who knows, maybe Orichimaru is the final villain? Kishimoto has created a very cunning character and it would go against his personality to just sit around and wait for the war to end without doing anything. I think he’s waiting for the right time. If Orichimaru is able to merge with the ninjas he experimented on, Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo, and even Kabuto, he will become a force to be reckoned with.

I wish the issue showed Naruto waking up in the real world. It would’ve been a treat to see him regain consciousness with Sakura’s hand still inside his chest.

What are your thoughts about the issue? Are you happy that Guy will live? Will Naruto and Sasuke be able to defeat Madara? Do you think Kakashi looks like his father? Please share in the comments.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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2 thoughts on “Naruto x 672 Review: Night Guy…!!

  1. I think it’s awesome that guy was saved by Naruto. Guy is a very promising and uplifting character. He may still die and this could push for Naruto to emit his true potential. You are indeed right. The 5 kage combined have no chance against Guy full potential. Guy is a phenomenal beast.

    1. I was expecting him to die cos the way Kishi showed his past in the flashback panels, and how the 8th gate user is supposed to die in the end..but yes, he might still die…the release of the 8th gates has been hyped from the beginning and rightfully so and i think that should be honored, maybe Guy won’t be able to fight any more? who knows…

      After the release of the gates Guy really is a force to be reckoned with..i think if Madara was in his original mode (without tailed beasts and Senju DNA) Guy would’ve easily beaten him to dust…i feel sorry for the 5 Kages lol

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