Naruto x 694 Review: Naruto and Sasuke (1)


If you read the previous chapter, then you’ll know this week’s issue is about Sasuke telling about his definition of Hokage to Naruto. Kishimoto did a good job conveying Sasuke’s answer and I enjoyed the little conversation they had.

It was revealed that the reason Sasuke wanted to bring a revolution in the Ninja World was because of his older brother Itachi. He wanted to shoulder all the world’s hate and erase the past. Itachi has been one of the best characters in the Naruto universe and his backstory was always shrouded in mystery. I liked how Kishimoto handled his character and it was exciting to see him slowly unravel Itachi’s story over the years. I understand why Sasuke would want to follow in his brother’s path but he doesn’t know the full truth like Naruto does.

Even though Itachi decided to wipe out his clan to protect the Leaf Village, he confessed to Naruto that he made a mistake and he shouldn’t have tried to do everything alone. Itachi also advised Naruto not to do the same thing and that the young ninja should rely on his comrades. It was his advice that knocked Naruto off his high horse when he wanted to fight all the battles in the Ninja World War by himself.


Naruto and Sasuke are basically two sides of the same coin and that’s why their definitions of Hokage are mirror images of each other. Naruto believes in a Hokage who is loved by the people and protects everyone. He believes in a Hokage that thinks of everyone as a comrade. However, Sasuke believes in a Hokage that rules over people even if they hate him. He will take on all the hate of the people so that they don’t end up hating themselves. After the events that occurred during the Ninja World War, I think a Hokage isn’t needed anymore. There should be a single governing body that should monitor things in the ninja world. I wouldn’t mind Naruto travelling the world and ending conflicts because making him into a Hokage and shutting him in one room won’t do him any favors.

The young ninjas are very determined to make their definition of Hokage a reality and I know they won’t go down without a fight. Sasuke is ready to kill Naruto and I’m excited to see how the protagonist handles the battle without dealing a deadly blow to his friend.

As far as the other members of Team 7 are concerned, Sakura is still under the genjutsu and I don’t know why Kakashi didn’t do anything to revive her. The Sage of the Six Paths told Kakashi that there was nothing anyone could do and I was a bit disappointed. I know the battle was between Naruto and Sasuke but I really wanted Kakashi and Sakura to play some part in it. Well, at least those two got to take down a God-like being, a feat that will surely be regarded as legendary once people are released from the Ultimate Tsukuyomi.

Even though the chapter didn’t show Naruto and Sasuke battling it out, it was still enjoyable and I had fun reading about Sasuke’s definition of a Hokage.

Did you read this week’s chapter of Naruto? Do you think Sasuke is right? Let us know!

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