New Teen Wolf Season 4 Promo: Can’t Go Back!

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If you weren’t expecting a new Teen Wolf promo, then you are not alone because it seemed to come out of nowhere, especially considering how much of an event promo releases have been in the past. But I guess they have reached the point where they don’t have to hype it up, because the audience is big enough to do it for them. Anyway, the 40-second promo shows Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Derek rising from ash and running forward and reveals the tagline “Can’t Go Back.”

I’m not even going to try and contain my inner fangirl because I actually wept a little when I saw that a new promo had landed online (non-fan people in the room were very confused). I don’t think I was fully aware of how much I missed this show. Of course the tears might have been caused by the pain of seeing Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Derek without Allison (the crossbow falling was a low blow) – that pain is still too real. The four remaining members of the original six, rising from the ashes and coming together as a pack finally… oh no, I’m crying again.

There really is no going back for these characters, and despite their losses they must move on and move forward. I wasn’t surprised by the themes presented in this promo (they’ve been talking like this since 3B ended), but I wasn’t disappointed either. There’s enough grief present that I don’t feel like Allison’s death will be forgotten and ignored, but there is also a comforting optimism that gives me warm fuzzies. Plus these characters, that I have become unhealthily attached to, have never looked more like a pack than they do in this promo and that makes me incredibly happy.

Also, personally, I’m just really excited by how angry Lydia looks, I am so ready for angry-Lydia!

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What do you think of the promo? Do you like the idea of the McCall pack rising from the ashes of the past and moving forward together because they can’t go back? Also what’s with the money falling from the sky? Any theories about that would be most welcome because I’ve got nothing.

Teen Wolf Season 4 premieres on June 23.


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6 thoughts on “New Teen Wolf Season 4 Promo: Can’t Go Back!

  1. It’s so funny that you mention the lack of hype because the girl that runs the Teen Wolf Twitter posted on her personal account immediately after the tweet went out saying “I JUST WENT BEYONCE ON Y’ALL.” HA! That they did.

    EVERYONE LOOKS SO GOOD. Also Stiles and Derek are matching.

    The crossbow was alternately comforting and heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because I’m glad to get any proof that they’re not going to gloss over Allison’s death, and heartbreaking because it just really cements the fact that she’s gone.

  2. Haha..angry Lydia…yes!…breaking crossbow..nooo!!!….matching Derek and Stiles…YAASSSSS!!!!…the four in a pack!!!!! ^^

    falling money? hmmm….maybe bounty hunters/mercenaries etc that someone has paid? not hunters that act on a family code etc

    I think Allison’s death really brought the three down…and Derek’s already suffered a lot, so i guess this season will see them coming out the ash, reborn etc

  3. I love this series and very strong succeeds in his dream role in the Style of Malia and I love stailsi and thats cool couple in the series and I really want to come to Georgia in a warm and inviting series of children please

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