‘The Pitiful Human Lizard’ Chapter 17 Review: Paladins In Peril – Part 2

The Pitiful Human Lizard Chapter 17 review Chapterhouse comics

I haven’t read The Pitiful Human Lizard, from Chapterhouse Comics, before and that’s why after reading chapter 17 I’m disappointed for not starting sooner!

I was provided a review copy of The Pitiful Human Lizard Chapter 17. The opinions are my own.

The Pitiful Human Lizard Chapter 17, which is Issue 6 of Season 3, opened with a galactic battle. I had no prior idea about the characters, but the delightful art and story by Jason Loo kept me reading. Soon I got to know about an evil alien invasion (led by Lord Kraan) facing against the Divine Paladins of Razma-Foon (the good guys). And yes, the titular hero, Lucas Barret, was in there too.

From what I could tell, Lucas has high-level regenerative abilities. Also, he has a relatable sense of humor. I mean, I too would be thinking of video games if I ever got to fight in a galactic battle.

I liked the fast-paced action in the issue. I was also surprised to see the good guys suffering some major losses during the battle. However, while surprising, it helped me feel sorry for the team even though I didn’t know much about them.

There’s definitely a lot of worldbuilding going on in this series. In a single issue, I was introduced to the Divine Paladins, Razma-Foon, her evil brother, Lord Kraan, different alien species, and more. And while it might sound like too much for a single issue, I liked how Jason Loo made everything easy to understand through his storytelling, even for newcomers like me.

After reading the current issue (which I enjoyed), I decided to do some quick online research and the information I found is what led me to wish I had known about The Pitiful Human Lizard sooner.

This is a diverse comic book series. Lucas Barret is Chinese-Canadian, from a mixed-race marriage. His best friend and superhero partner is the Majestic Rat, a gay character who is a cashier and has the power to telepathically control multi-colored rats. There’s also Mother Wonder (she had a lot to do in Chapter 17), a WOC who is also a wife and a mother of three.

The Pitiful Human Lizard Chapter 17 review chapterhouse comics diversity

You should check out this recommendation to see why you need to start reading The Pitiful Human Lizard.

While I can understand Jason Loo’s deciding on such a title, there’s nothing pitiful about his comic book series, because the story, even with galactic battles, has a very grounded and humorous feel that’s sure to keep readers interested.

The Pitiful Human Lizard Chapter 17 is currently available for purchase.

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