I Am the Night 1×6 Review: Queen’s Gambit, Accepted

Gambit Queen's Gambit Accepted I am the Night episode 6 review
Fauna Hodel in “Queen’s Gambit, Accepted” (Image: Screengrab)

I Am the Night didn’t offer one of the best TV miniseries conclusions out there, but “Queen’s Gambit, Accepted” was still an enjoyable finale.

I was provided a free screener for “Queen Gambit, Accepted” for review. The opinions are my own.

One of the complaints I have heard regarding I Am the Night is how the show doesn’t give Fauna Hodel any sense of urgency. I can understand where such an opinion came from. The 6-episode miniseries does take a long time to make Fauna an active player instead of simply being someone who is reacting to things happening to her.

“Queen’s Gambit, Accepted” focused a lot on Fauna and her fight with George Hodel while Jay Singletary took a bit of a backseat as he tried to figure out how to help her. The finale also allowed us to understand a bit more about George’s childhood and why he turned into a murderer. Basically, George thought too highly of himself because of his exceptional IQ.

It was fun seeing Fauna attack George’s ego to make him lower his guard. Fauna isn’t the most competent heroine in the mystery genre. However, I think that is why I liked her. She felt real due to her flaws and general unpreparedness when it came to what life threw at her.

The finale did give us an ending, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I hoped. Sam Sheridan has done a good job of keeping this mystery-thriller miniseries moving at an enjoyable pace during the six episodes. But, in my opinion, he should have spent more time brainstorming how to tie up certain plot threads.

Sheridan took a lot of creative liberties with Hodel’s memoir One Day She’ll Darken. He created many scenarios which never happened in the memoir. And while it was exciting to see Fauna face such issues, the resolution left me wanting more than what was served.

Having said that, I Am the Night is sure to offer you a memorable viewing experience featuring a stellar performance by Chris Pine and Golden Brooks.

Are you a fan of I Am the Night? What did you think of “Queen’s Gambit, Accepted”? Let us know.

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