Teen Wolf 6×4 Review: Relics

Relics Teen Wolf Season 6 episode 4

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf titled “Relics” showed Scott and his pack failing hard but somehow managing to get back up again.

Okay, let’s get some things out of the way before I start talking about “Relics”. Did the Ghost Riders feel like an interesting concept to me? Yes. Did Teen Wolf do them justice? No!

Having a group of antagonists that can erase a person from memory sounded awesome to me. However, in true Teen Wolf fashion, the Ghost Riders ended up becoming a complete mess. It would’ve helped if their powers were explained a bit better.

Why do they erase people from memory? How long does it take for a person to be erased? Are events changed when a person is erased? How do fake memories even work? Why can’t they take a person’s information away from computers? Where does Deputy Parrish buy fireproof boxer briefs from? Wait! Ignore that one for now.

I’m not going to spend more time talking about the Ghost Riders because frankly, they don’t make sense. However, I am going to talk about the rest of stuff that happened in “Relics”.

Mr. Argent shot Malia! She should’ve died. It would have saved fans a lot of trouble and maybe people might have started watching again. None of the episodes for Teen Wolf 6A have been able to reach more than 50,000 viewers except for the premier. This is kind of sad (no, it isn’t!) considering the show used to reach 2 million viewers during its peak. Remember all the Sterek? I sure do.

Did I just go all ‘meta’ about Jeff Davis being an incompetent Ghost Rider, trying to erase Sterek but failing miserably? The Sterek fandom is still going strong. We all remember, Jeff! We all remember!

Lydia’s search for Stiles kind of looks interesting but I’m more curious to see what is up with Claudia. Melissa, Lydia, and Mrs. Martin looked at Claudia’s medical records and found out about her disease and that she shouldn’t even be alive. I’m not sure if Claudia is supposed to be a Ghost Rider herself or if she is something entirely different. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing the show reveal her true nature.

Anyway, next week’s episode has Dylan O’Brien returning as Stiles so at least I’ll get to see a few minutes of someone I actually care about before he disappears again.

What did you think of “Relics”? Do you like Liam’s determination to defect the Ghost Riders? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

Farid has a Double Masters in Psychology and Biotechnology as well as an M.Phil in Molecular Genetics. He is the author of numerous books including Missing in Somerville, and The Game Master of Somerville. He gives us insight into comics, books, TV shows, anime/manga, video games, and movies.


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3 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6×4 Review: Relics

  1. While I agree that Malias entrance in the show was problematic to say the least, and her character has not always been handled very well, I really feel uncomfortable with just calling for her death. Creating a female character for the (seemingly exclusive) purpose of shutting down a same sex pairing is obviously bad, but lately she has started coming into her own a bit. I’m just tired of women being seen as disposable.

    1. Agreed…It’s not like I want her to actually die on the show…lol ^^ …I was relating it to the whole, some fans saying that they would tune in if she dies or is written off…for me, Malia’s a character who had a lot of potential when she was first introduced, with her ties to the Hales, a mother who is out to kill her, etc…but for me, Teen Wolf didn’t handle the whole thing well.

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