Teen Wolf 6×10 Review: Riders on the Storm

Teen Wolf Stiles Scott Riders on the Storm

Teen Wolf delivered its winter finale with “Riders on the Storm” this week. While it tried to close some loose ends, we all know the important question on everyone’s mind was whether or not Stydia would go canon.

Lydia was able to bring Stiles back last week. How was her emotional link with Stiles more powerful than Scott or his dad’s? The answer has to do with Jeff pandering to Stydia shippers.

The best part of “Riders on the Storm” was the return of Dylan O’Brien. He immediately came up with a plan to help Scott fight the Lonely Munchkin. It was nice to see the writers give everyone something to do this week. Even Liam was bearable. In the end, Scott was able to divert the train from taking everyone in Beacon Hills, and saved the day.

“Riders on the Storm” did feel a bit rushed, but I won’t complain because I’m happy that the current mess has ended. With Teen Wolf 6B premiering this summer let’s see what Jeff comes up with next.

So, talking about what really matters, did Stydia become canon? Well, Lydia and Stiles did kiss. If you consider the face Stiles made after kissing her as ‘love’ then good for you. As far as I can tell, Dylan is so not here for this pairing.

Teen Wolf Riders on the Storm Stiles Lydia Stydia

Even Holland Roden gave her opinion during a twitter Q&A session. She mentioned Sterek as her favorite while using the show’s official account.

The fact remains that Jeff only included a Stydia kiss because of his fan-pandering reasons. It wasn’t more than just a way to satisfy some fans. He even mentioned Stydia’s future being uncertain. So, it goes to show that he added it without wanting to make it endgame because we all know Marrish is going to happen or else the series would’ve fired Ryan Kelley already.

“Riders on the Storm” also went on to make certain that as long as a pairing is straight, fans will get it, even for just a second. In a single episode we got Liam kissing Hayden, Melissa kissing Chris Argent, and Stiles kissing Lydia. Did we get a Corey and Mason kiss, even after saving Corey’s life? No, because it was queer!

Some thoughts and questions:

  1. I guess Mr. Tate doesn’t exist anymore. Teen Wolf should at least have Peter meet Mr. Tate, the man who raised Malia as his daughter.
  2. Am I the only one who understood Lonely Munchkin’s point about Scott being a good Nazi youth? With how Scott forced Derek into biting Gerard, used Deucalion to kill teenagers, etc. I can see it.
  3. Theo got beat up good by the Ghost Riders…Twice!
  4. Why would Scott’s dad vouch for Stiles to get him into the pre-FBI program? Don’t those two kind of hate each other?

Did you watch “Riders on the Storm”? What did you think? Let us know.

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4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf 6×10 Review: Riders on the Storm

  1. This is the best thing I have read all week. I could not agree more on the stydia kiss being nothing, but fan service. The scene w/Peter and Malia, I kept waiting for Malia tell Lydia she has a dad and it’s not Peter.

  2. Omg, was that TWICE in “Theo got beat up good by the Ghost Riders…Twice!” a reference to Cody Christian’s diry talk in his leaked nude video that he had sent to a catfish on instagram? I’m cackling. Well done.

  3. Well, tho I like your post I must disagree. Everyone was hoping for Stiles and Lydia from Season 1, and wanted them together. Season after season we hoped for more Stydia moments (which were quite great moments) but nothing more than saving each others life. But I must say, the kiss they had in season 6, should’ve be done in the last episodes of season 5 (in my opinion), mainly because all the eichen house episodes (when we saw a spark between them , again).
    And sorry if my english isn´t quite correct

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