SDCC 2022 Hotelocalypse: What We Do and Do NOT Know

sdcc 2022 hotel sale

The Hotelocaplypse is upon us! Hotels for SDCC 2022 will go on sale on Tuesday, April 28th. Here’s what you need to know before the sale begins.

Comic Con International has given us two days to prepare for the SDCC 2022 hotel sale. This short notice shouldn’t be surprising, but somehow a lot of us are still caught off guard. Comic Con International choosing to do things with short notice isn’t out of the ordinary, but we’re usually given more time than this to look at the form and strategize. 

Unfortunately we’ve only got two days for it this year. So let’s break down everything we know and do not know about this year’s hotel sale.

When will the SDCC 2022 hotel sale happen?

The SDCC 2022 hotel sale will take place on Thursday, April 28th at 9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time. 

What time is that for you?  Check here.

It’s a good idea to show up earlier than that, however. The waiting room will open an hour beforehand and it’s great to jump on and make sure you don’t have any technical issues.  

What about the SDCC 2022 hotels already on sale?

The hotels that are currently available are part of the Early Bird hotel sale. These are located out in Mission Valley and by the airport. You’ll need to take a shuttle to the convention every morning. 

If you’re hoping to have a room within walking distance, you might not want to do the Early Bird sale. You’re going to want to participate in the Hotelocalypse even if it’s a bit intimidating.  

What if I’m SDCC 2022 press? Will I receive an email?

We are also members of the press, and we have not yet been able to register for SDCC 2022 yet. None of our press members have received an email yet, while our other regular attendee friends have. At this time it doesn’t seem like the links in the emails are restricted to just the email recipient, so this link should work for everyone.

We have reached out to CCI for clarification and will update this if we hear back from them before the sale. As it’s only two days away, we can’t guarantee we’ll hear back from them in time, but we’ll certainly try.

How many hotels can we choose?

This year you may choose up to 12 hotels. Only one is required to submit the form. If you’re feeling lucky, feel free to play that gamble with your one singular choice. I don’t recommend this, though. Hotels are highly competitive and it’s good to have backup choices.

Which hotels are the best?

We break down the different areas for various hotels over at our SDCC Hotel FAQ and Newbie Guide. Anything located in the Gaslamp District is theoretically walkable, though some sections of the Gaslamp District may be a bit further than most people would care to walk.

What if I don’t get any hotels in this sale?

When filling out the form you will have the option of selecting to be waitlisted. I highly recommend selecting that option. You’ll also have options for them to put you in the closest hotel, cheapest hotel, or anything on a shuttle route. I would select one of those as well.

If none of that pans out, you can always try to get something further away, possibly on a trolley route. Mission Valley and the hotels near the airport usually have a lot of availability, too, and those are serviced by shuttles.

When will we get our results? 

Selections will go out in two batches. The first batch will go out on May 3rd and the second on May 10th. Once you get the email with your hotel result, you have 72 hours to confirm it with a deposit.

Good luck SDCC 2022 attendees!

It’s going to be great to see you all at the convention again. If you’re looking for more guides to the con, check out our SDCC Guide! Have fun.

Author: Angel Wilson

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