Netflix Trailer for Shadowhunters Season 3B Should Be Official Trailer, Honestly

Shadowhunters season 3b

With Shadowhunters returning in two weeks for the final episodes of the series, fans were anxiously awaiting a trailer, which dropped not long ago. But now a new Shadowhunters season 3B trailer has come out – from Netflix, which licenses the show internationally – and it honestly should have been the official one.

I have no issues with the Shadowhunters season 3B official trailer, in theory. It’s a good summary of what we can expect in the upcoming season. But as I mentioned earlier, it shows you the outcome of the two biggest cliffhangers from the end of season 3A – namely, Alec’s and Clary’s fates. Alec was shot in the chest with an arrow and left in the care of a newly magic-less Magnus, while Clary seemingly disappeared when Simon’s Mark rebounded and exploded Lilith and her apartment. The Netflix trailer features new scenes not in the official trailer, and more importantly, doesn’t have Clary in it at all, except in flashbacks. Kudos to Netflix for making a better official trailer than the actual network on which Shadowhunters airs.

I like that this trailer leaves Clary’s fate a mystery, so it’s a pity that the official trailer already took away that mystery. Yes, something is clearly amiss, as she’s magically linked with her back-from-the-dead brother, but we already know she’s alive. I would have much rather seen the Netflix trailer first; logically, they’re not going to kill off the main character – especially since she lives through the books – but it would have been nice to be, at least for a week or so, unsure as to her fate. It sort of defeats the purpose of a cliffhanger if you spoil the ending before the show even comes back from hiatus. This does leave us with the question of how long Clary is going to be “dead”. I’d wager that we can accept at least one full episode of everyone thinking that she’s gone.

Shadowhunters season 3bOne of the things I talked about when the official trailer was released was the obvious presence of Sizzy (Simon/Izzy) – a popular ship that is canon in the books but hasn’t really been touched on the show. As someone who hasn’t read the books, seeing Sizzy in the trailer was kind of jarring; for one, Simon is currently dating Maia…although she did leave town at the end of 3A, asking Simon for time to figure stuff out. Second, Simon and Izzy haven’t interacted all that much on their own. However, this new trailer shows that the two of them work together to try and get the Mark of Cain removed from Simon’s forehead, which could easily explain the growing closeness that we saw in the first trailer.

Much of the trailer revolves around either Clary and the aftermath of her “death” or Simon’s quest to get rid of the Mark of Cain, so don’t get much of an insight as to any other storylines (like, say, a wedding?). However, I couldn’t help but notice that it looks like Magnus is doing magic in one brief shot near the end. Considering these are the final episodes (unless the show is picked up by a streaming platform, for example the one that just cut together such a kickass trailer), we can expect to see most if not all of the major stories tied up. They did, after all, go back and film a finale, so we will get some closure.

Check out the Netflix trailer below:

Shadowhunters returns for its final episodes Monday, February 25 at 8pm on Freeform.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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