Supernatural 10×10 Review: “The Hunter Games”


Firstly, for the love of Chuck, I think the writers are trying to kill me because they have really stepped up their game this year, and the mid-season premiere is no exception. I found myself yelling at my screen, repeatedly. So, where do we begin?

Let’s discuss the opening song. It was ELO’s “Long Black Road”, which is a pretty obscure song, even for a classic rock fan like myself. It was recently used in “American Hustle”, which is why it was vaguely familiar. The song is pretty much about lying down in the bed you’ve made. “You gotta get up in the morning take your heavy load. And you gotta keep goin’ down the long black road.” Well, they do say that the only way out of Hell is through it, and our boys have been there before.

10850101_10100511218184322_3519354692067142617_nThere are also some great character relationships and interactions this episode: Crowley & Rowena, Rowena & Demons, Crowley & the Winchesters, Cas & the Winchesters, Cas & Claire, Dean & Claire, Metatron & the WInchesters, Metatron & Dean, Metatron & Cas, Sam & Dean, Cas & Dean. That is a massive list, but I do not apologise, everyone was brilliant!


To start with, Rowena is definitely up to something. I don’t know what her endgame is yet, but I would not trust that witch as far as I could throw her, and I’m pretty darn strong. I kind of feel bad for Crowley, because he really doesn’t know what to make of her. She is very reminiscent of what Crowley used to be in my mind, though he’s softened with his attachments to Cas and the Winchesters. Heck, even Crowley thought giving Dean back the First Blade was a bad idea. (One of about 500 golden moments in this episode, by the way.) I am really interested in what Rowena is trying to gain from all of this lying and murder. Queen of Hell, maybe?

Moving from one villain to another, we get to see Curtis Armstrong reprise his role as Metatron yet again this season02 (that man lied to my face about not knowing if he was going to be in season 10 – ha!). So the dickwad (his words, not mine), gives Dean some free information on removing the mark, but oversteps in demanding a price for the rest. He should know better than to mess with Dean, especially when he still has the Mark of Cain. He did tell us that “the river begins at the source”, and for those who have seen Twitter, Tumblr, and various other spoilers, Timothy Omundson is returning as Cain in a few episodes time. Maybe then we will get answers to some of the open ended questions and a final end to Demon!Dean. I do have to say, Dean truly does the best scary face ever. Because it wasn’t only Metatron who got scared when he stepped out of the shadows.

Next is Cas. I am a huge fan of Misha Collins and Cas has been a favourite of mine since he first burst through those barn doors all those years ago. This episode was such a clear reminder of not only how awesome Cas is, but how good of an actor Misha is as well. We got to see Bamf!Cas (bursting through the dungeon door), Funny!Cas (one word: emoticons), Pissy!Cas (who has to be my new favourite – when he comes into the bunker essentially calling them stupid, ha!), Concerned!Cas (with Claire and asking Dean to talk to her), and every other incarnation of him we saw in this episode, because I’m sure I missed a few. Also, I never really realised how big Cas’s car really is. I mean, like, that thing is a freaking boat.

10940601_10100511219082522_2933706335743292647_nThe interactions between Cas and Claire really showed some change and depth for both characters. Cas points out that “it’s possible that there is a little monster in all of us”, to which Clair gets upset because she feels that he is just defending Dean. What happens though is that Claire (yet again) falls in with the wrong crowd who subsequently attack Dean. Claire realises, no, this is wrong, and tries to stop it. For that planning moment, there was some monster in Claire wanting revenge, but she overcame it. Hopefully Dean can do the same. She also really liked Cas in a tie. Now only if we can get the old trench coat back from that laundromat in Colorado…

Honestly, I think this was a fantastic episode. We got a bit of everything between everyone, and the story is really giving us some interesting guesses to where the storyline is heading. As Supernatural has been renewed for an 11th season, which will make it the longest running live action television show on the CW, there is probably a lot more to come, but hopefully we will at least see a resolution to Cas’s missing grace and the Mark of Cain before we say goodbye to season 10.

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1 thought on “Supernatural 10×10 Review: “The Hunter Games”

  1. While I liked The Hunter Games overall, the ending infuriated me for the same reason that the ending of Paper Moon upset me. The “boys” left a woman stranded homeless and alone without even the comfort of a “here’s someone you can call if you need help”.

    Kate’s abandonment would be excusable since she is an adult but I’m frustrated and baffled that Sam & Dean didn’t give Garth’s number. You know, their very kind and helpful friend who is also learning how to be a werewolf and is living with other werewolves? Kate is lonely, talking with someone who can understand her issues would have been great for Kate. And while Dean may not get the concept of talking, Sam should have realized getting Kate this info would save lives. Even if the only life saved was Kate’s.

    Claire’s abandonment by Castiel, WHO WAS RECENTLY HOMELESS, is inexcusable.

    Claire may be capable of making good decisions eventually. However, since Cas helped her get out of the state run facility, Claire has:
    – stolen from Cas
    – followed Randy’s instructions to commit armed robbery
    – nearly been raped because of Randy
    – fallen in with whoever those two people were at the pool table
    – nearly arranged someone’s death

    Claire repeatedly proven she is not capable of wandering the streets alone at her age. She is a threat to herself and to others. Castiel should have, at minimum, spoken to Sam and Dean who could have then called in some favors with Sheriff Jody Mills, Sheriff Donna Hanscum, or perhaps Sonny to provide housing, job and support for Claire when she was troubled. Or Castiel should have take her back to the state facility.

    The argument that Claire and Kate are suffering their homeless fate because they are mirrors of Dean in this season just doesn’t fly because:

    – Claire and Kate are completely alone while Dean has a brother, a trustworthy friend (Cas), friend with dubious motives (Crowley), and other contacts (I’ve mentioned some here: Jody, Donna, Sonny, Garth.)
    – Claire and Kate are without any sort of transportation or shelter. Dean has the car, the knowledge of how to steal one, the cabin they’ve used in the past, and the bunker.
    – Claire and Kate, prior to the traumatizing events in their lives, did not demonstrably have the experience or training needed to live (as opposed to survive) without a home. Dean has been receiving training since childhood on how to live on the fringes of society, he is the ultimate chameleon.

    Kate and Claire’s stories have been set up to end in tragedy, abuse, and death. And the “heroes” of the show, well they seem to be okay with that fate because extending phone numbers is more trouble than hunting for poltergeists.

    Is audience okay with it too?

    Cause the sheer stupidity of it makes me want to pull my hair out in frustration.

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