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  • Supernatural Mid-season Roundtable

    Another mid season finale has aired and, as has been the tradition these past few seasons, we here at the Geekiary are hosting a special roundtable to discuss what’s happened, what could happen, and all the things that give us FEELS about this season of Supernatural so far.  This installment features the two reviewers for […]

  • Supernatural Season 10 Post Finale Roundtable

    Now that Season 10 has aired, five members of the Geekiary writing staff have come together to lay out their thoughts on the overall plot, characterization, and themes from the past year and what we hope to see over the summer and next season. Angel is the admin of The Geekiary, a proud Minion of […]

  • Supernatural 10×22 Review: “The Prisoner”

    After the emotional freefall that the SPN fandom was put through last week with the death of the beloved Charlie Bradbury, you’d think that Supernatural would try to win us back. Instead, we are even more emotionally compromised, thanks to the last few minutes of the episode. Or at least, I am. I’ll get to […]

  • Why Claire Novak is Important

    I asked my Twitter followers why Claire Novak was important to them and ultimately why she is important to Supernatural.  There was a huge positive response from people of all ages about what Claire meant to them and what she meant to Castiel, Dean, and Sam and Supernatural in general.  In the time since I’ve […]

  • Supernatural 10×20 Review: Angel Heart

    I know I gush over Robbie Thompson a lot, but anyone who has ever watched Supernatural can understand, this episode was just perfect. I want to weep at its beauty like Brendan Fraser in Bedazzled. Suffice to say, “Angel Heart” was aptly titled. Firstly, we were able to see Jimmy Novak for the first time […]

  • Supernatural 10×18 Review: “Book of the Damned”

    I will do my best to keep my fangirling to a minimum in this review, but I doubt it will work. You’ve been warned. Okay, I know I’ve said it about a thousand times already, but Oh My Chuck do I love this season. Seriously, It’s right up there with 4, 5, and 8. I […]

  • SPN Fans Rejoice: New Funko Vinyls of Team Free Will

    Okay, as I mentioned in my NYTF article, my first Pop!Vinyls were Dean Winchester and Castiel. This has since changed. I have become addicted and it’s all thanks to the awesome people at Funko. Furthermore, my first true love of these figures will always be Supernatural, so these creative geniuses have decided to give us […]

  • Supernatural Season 10 Mid-Season Roundtable

    This roundtable features five contributors from The Geekiary staff and a special guest contributor. We’ve strived to get panelists from various segments of fandom including Dean!Girls, a Sam!Girl, and Cas!Girls, shippers and non-shippers, people who have been in the fandom since episode one and someone who marathoned nine seasons back to back last summer. Our […]

  • Supernatural 10×14 Review: The Executioner’s Song

    While last week’s episode was aimed toward those who wanted a narrative return to the classic hunter episodes of the first three seasons, this week seemed to be a gift for those who enjoy the dynamic of Team Free Will and overarching plot.  Cain returns, causing all four of the main characters of the show […]

  • Tara Attempts to Explain ‘Supernatural’

    As part of our fundraiser for press coverage logistics at San Diego Comic-Con, Tara promised to attempt to explain Supernatural even though she hasn’t seen the show since the first season.  A huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who has donated so far!  More milestone videos and fic is on the way! -Read our before commenting. […]