Supernatural 10×18 Review: “Book of the Damned”

I will do my best to keep my fangirling to a minimum in this review, but I doubt it will work. You’ve been warned.

Okay, I know I’ve said it about a thousand times already, but Oh My Chuck do I love this season. Seriously, It’s right up there with 4, 5, and 8. I honestly am just so happy right now. I also want to send Robbie Thompson all the pie in the world for everything he has written not only in this episode, but ever. I am so happy right now.


So, first things first – Dean is in a hoodie. This is probably the third appearance of Dean in a hoodie, and the second time this season. Having been with Supernatural since the beginning and deeply rooted in the fandom, this is just precious and adorable. (Hey, I said I was going to fangirl all over this episode. Deal with it.)

Anyway, we had two really good sides of an episode. We had the Dean, Charlie, and Sam saga with the Book of the Damned, which was shown against Cas and Metatron on the hunt for the former’s grace. As for the cabin-bound trio, wow. There are so many things I want to say about this plot line. The happiness of Dean singing along to “The Boys Are Back In Town” (my guess is that they hadn’t picked a song until post, because Jensen was a bit off in regard to the song) and the idea of taking proper holiday… to a beach. This is truly the fanfic season. We also got to see Charlie again, which in and of itself is awesome, but she has gone full-blown hunter, or rather huntress. And then there is dearest Sammy, whose speech mentioning Jess was just perfect, beautiful, and probably one of the best things I have ever heard him say. That was probably one of my favourite Sam moments of all time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.24.27On the other side of the episode was the unlikely duo of Cas and Metatron. The punching, oh the punching was perfect. Pissed off Castiel is awesome, and Curtis Armstrong was just perfect as Metatron (as always). I really do love how much of a asshat he is, such a testament as an actor considering Armstrong is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Oh, and the double cross, so well done. I have to say I’m very curious about what he’s got planned for the Demon Tablet. A little frightened considering with him, there don’t seem to be any rules. Most importantly though, Cas finally has his grace back – YAY! (Hidden in a copy of Don Quixote… interesting…) Though, I’m not sure why his wings are burnt out like the rest of the angels, they should be intact since he never properly fell. Hmmm… Also, I kind of want to mention Metatron’s comment on what Cas is going to do now. He’s not needed in Heaven (thank you Hannah), no need to track down rogue angels, so what is he going to do? That brings me to my final comment on this episode… (See and of next paragraph.)


The most important and probably most anticipated part of the episode came at the end. Yes, I am referring to Cas and Charlie finally meeting. This has been on everyone’s mind since forever or at least when she called him “dreamy”. It was perfect, as much as we could hope for, though I’m sure a few more side eyes would have been preferred by some. (Yes, I’m hinting towards Destiel – and by “hinting” I mean installing large billboards and neon signs. Yes, I try to keep my shipper feelings out of my reviews, but it’s gotten to a boiling point that I cannot stand. I could rant and wax poetically on that subject all day, but instead I will attempt to keep my feelings confined to tumblr… for now.) I also loved seeing the four of them having fun together in The Bunker. Yes, the song choice made me cry a bit (The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”). Yes, Sam going behind everyone’s back in regard to the Book of the Damned and taking it Rowena is just going to end up bad for everyone (like we’ve never seen that before). But, I really, really, really hope this means Cas and Charlie are going to stay in The Bunker. Please? Pretty Please?

Regardless, this was a great episode, which is something I think everyone has come to expect from Robbie Thompson and Season 10. I’ve got a few ideas of what might happen come the end of the season, especially since it’s been hinted that it will be on the level of “Swan Song”, and that Ruthie Connell said “They go there!”, but until it actually airs, only the cast and crew know for sure. Suffice to say, I know where I will be every Wednesday night until Hellatus starts again – glued to The CW.

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  1. If this finale’ is going to be SWAN SONG epic I hope this does not mean
    next season will be all trial spin-offs like HIGHLANDER was in season 6.

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