SPN Fans Rejoice: New Funko Vinyls of Team Free Will


Okay, as I mentioned in my NYTF article, my first Pop!Vinyls were Dean Winchester and Castiel. This has since changed. I have become addicted and it’s all thanks to the awesome people at Funko. Furthermore, my first true love of these figures will always be Supernatural, so these creative geniuses have decided to give us more Supernatural figures – all Hot Topic exclusives, by the way. My shelves are rejoicing.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 00.06.17

First up are the suit-clad Sam and Dean Winchester in their FBI or [insert government agency here] get ups. Sigh, remember the days in Season 1 when we first saw our boys all dressed up in “Phantom Traveler”.


Dean Winchester: Man. I look like one of the Blues Brothers!
Sam Winchester: No, you don’t. You look more like a seventh grader at his first dance.
Dean Winchester: [looks himself up and down] I hate this thing.

FBI!Sam and FBI!Dean are available at Hot Topic at the moment. I love that Dean’s his arms are folded. It’s adorable and very Dean. If they ever make an FBI!Castiel (which really wouldn’t be too much of a departure from his regular get up), I hope they include an upside down FBI badge.

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 00.07.34

In addition to the Winchesters, there is also a new figure soon to be released exclusively to Hot Topic: Leviathan!Castiel. Personally, this was a very dark moment for me in regard to my love of Supernatural, so thanks for the reminder guys! 😉 Anyway, the figure is dressed just like the other Castiels, just with the black ooze and blood splatter.


These are great additions to your ever growing Funko collection. Including these, there have been 16 in the Pop!Vinyl Supernatural line (4 Deans, 4 Sams, 4 Crowleys, 3 Castiels, and 1 Charlie) made available so far, and a little birdie tells me it won’t be long until we get more…

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  1. if I had infinite money and infinite shelf space… alas, I have neither. 🙁

    I’m holding out hope for an Impala for the Pop Rides line though.

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