“Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It…”: Loot Crate’s March 2015 Box

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It’s that lovely time of month again, when an unsuspecting black box arrives in the post. Loot Crate’s March box is designed around the theme of “Covert”, which means spy stuff galore! Opening the box is always a joy and upon first inspection, it is jam packed with geektastic swag.

First up is the exclusive “This Is Stirred” tee by J Salvador. This mixology accurate statement is close to my heart. You stir cocktails when it’s just straight alcohol (Vodka/Gin + Vermouth = Martini), but only shake it when you have a non-fizzy mixer, like juice. Bond orders his Martini incorrectly, and this shirt is testament to things done proper.


Next up is the Blink Time watch by 50 Fifty gifts. You just press the watch, and the digital display appears to tell you the time. Pretty sneaky and very cool. Guess I’ll have to start switching it out with my other watch now when I want to pretend I’m Jason Bourne.


Another wrist-centric item is the Paracord Survival Bracelet. I’ve been wanting one of these for ages, and now I finally have one (and in orange – my favourite colour, no less!) For those of you who don’t know, these bracelets are make of military-grade parachute cord. It can be used for loads of different lifesaving scenarios: making a tourniquet, fishing line, a snare, etc. Totally useful for even the most adventurous geek!


There is also an unassuming card and lanyard, and upon opening said card… Well, I can now enter secret bases with no problem! From EFX Collectibles is a replica of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD lanyard that Agent Koenig demands everyone have. It’s a solid piece of kit, and acceptable for cosplay at the next opportunity.


Also inside is a spy version of MadLibs, a game I haven’t played or seen since I was in middle school. I’m totally packing this for either C2E2 or SDCC to play with some of my beloved Geekiary Girls.


There is also an Orphan Black comic book from IDW Comics, that I’m sure Erin will want to steal from me. It’s an exclusive variant cover of the first issue. Also on the comic book side, is an exclusive download code for Ninjak #1 by Valiant Comics. It’s from Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), Clay Mann (X-Men, Gambit), and Butch Guice (Captain America), and about a masked ninja operative. Exciting!


Lastly is an epic special version of the Field Notes notebooks. It’s a 2-pack and stamped “Confidential”. Definitely good for secret communiqués and code breaking. One has graph paper and the other is lined.


Rounding out the box is the always present pin, this time showing spy gadgets. I have to say, I am really loving Loot Crate. Yes, I’ve only had two boxes, so far, but nothing in them has yet to disappoint!

Author: Bandit

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