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  • “Adventure Time” to End with Ninth Season in 2018

    In some majorly donked up news, Adventure Time is coming to an end in 2018 with its ninth season. We still have two episodes left to go in season seven, which has been spectacular, by the way. Then we’ll get just two more seasons of the most mathematical cartoon this side of the nightosphere. This […]

  • Fan Artist Friday: Paula Sancheztein

    Geeky accessories don’t always get categorized as glamorous or sophisticated, but who wouldn’t want small geek touches to highlight your every day? When I first stumbled upon Paula Sancheztein’s work, I was taken with the craftsmanship and quality of the jewelry and other metal pieces. These items are stunning, and I knew that I wanted […]

  • Rebecca Sugar – Podcast Interview Highlights

    Rebecca Sugar was recently interviewed by podcast Comic News Insider, and she provided some new and interesting tidbits about Steven Universe and some of her other work. The whole podcast can be found on Itunes, or listened to here. Rebecca’s interview starts around 40:25. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole […]

  • Adventure Time 7×23 Review: Crossover

    Before the promos for this episode of Adventure Time aired, the fandom was speculating wildly as to what the titular crossover would be – Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, maybe even Rick and Morty? Instead, we got an interdimensional romp, and the “crossover” was within Adventure Time itself – the alternate universe Ice Finn that was seen […]

  • Adventure Time 7×22 Review: Scamps

    One thing is certain: Adventure Time’s “Scamps” Will Leave You Wanting S’more. The beginning of this week’s episode of Adventure Time felt like a blast from the show’s past. Finn and Jake are working the Candy Kingdom beat under the watchful eye of Princess Bubblegum. But after they catch the scamps named in the episode’s […]

  • Adventure Time 6×01 Review: Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel

    Adventure Time has commanded its place as Cartoon Network’s best animated show for four years now, and in that time it has given us many dark and disturbing episodes. While most of these episodes have cut through their creepiness with a biting humor (usually aimed at its adult audience), the season six premiere was predominantly […]