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  • Toynk Toys Reveal San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusive Pins

    Toynk, a collectible retailer, will be offering fans some awesome exclusive pins at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Head on to their booth before they’re all sold out! -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • PositiviTEA Tuesday with The Geekiary: The Comic-Con 2016 Edition!

    Several members of The Geekiary, including myself, attended SDCC this year, and while we had an amazing time, it wasn’t just our experiences that made Comic-Con 2016 great…so we feel it more than deserves it’s own PositiviTEA Tuesday post! The first PositiviTEA Tuesday shout-out from Comic-Con 2016 really must go to the Steven Universe presence. […]

  • Nerd HQ 2015: A Conversation with William Shatner

    The ever popular Nerd HQ, hosted by Zachary Levi’s company The Nerd Machine, which benefits the charity Operation Smile, is back for San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  This year they’ve set up camp in the New Children’s Museum, which is definitely the most comfortable and relaxing venue that they’ve used to date.  The couches are comfortable, […]

  • Talking Comic Con PK with Mudassar Butt!

    The moment I heard about a Comic Con happening in my city I immediately set out to contact anyone responsible for such an event. Comic book culture is rapidly growing in Pakistan especially due to the MCU and other superhero franchises. I got in contact with Mudassar Butt, one of the members of the team […]

  • Comic-Con vs. Dragon Con: A Pre-Convention Comparison

    There’s a lot to be said about the many geek-themed conventions springing up around the country, but two of the most talked about are definitely San Diego Comic-Con and Dragon Con. I’ve been attending Dragon Con since 2012, while this year was my first SDCC experience…and though they are two entirely different conventions, I still […]

  • Comic-Con San Diego 2014 – Exhibit Hall Adventures

    Looking back to the great San Diego Comic Con of 2014, the Exhibit Hall was the most wonderful place. The Exhibit Hall is my favorite area of the SDCC, where dreams come true. Also a place where friendships begin, mighty contests, long hunts, great rewards, rare sights happen. This year, the area was also a place of […]

  • Comic-Con: HopCon vs. Heroes Brew

    The fact that Comic-Con is hosted in San Diego means that congoers have the chance to experience some of the awesome things that this city has to offer – two of the most important (in my opinion) being the food and the beer. In terms of the latter, it was no surprise that there were […]

  • Comic-Con: San Diego 2014 Cosplay Gallery, Sunday

    Here below, are the last of my cosplay pics for the San Diego Comic Con 2014. These are from Sunday, arguably the most crowded full day of the SDCC Exhibit Hall. There was Doctor Who panel (Hall H was line-less and accessible for much of the day), adding to the crowds of people seeking last-minute deals/swag/signings. […]

  • Comic-Con: Courtyard Marriott’s Q&A With George R.R. Martin

    As I mentioned in my article Comic-Con: A First-Timer & Cosplayer’s Perspective, I was lucky enough, as a member of the press, to be invited to cover the Courtyard Marriott’s “SuperHero Headquarters” activities. And they were so much fun that even after writing this, I’ll have at least one more article in me! But as […]