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  • POLL: Best New 2014-2015 Show

    There’s been a lot of amazing TV these past few months and we want to know what your favorite is. In order to be eligible for this poll, it had to have premiered between January 2014 and the day this poll began.  Some shows have been fortunate enough to have a second season begin in […]

  • “Holy Toy Fair, Batman!” DC Collectibles at NYTF 2015

    From Geoff Johns, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment: “2015 is going to be another groundbreaking year for DC Collectibles… #DCTV has exploded and so we’re following suit with figures and props.” There are definitely some new additions to the DC Collectibles line featured at the NY Toy Fair this year, and not all of […]

  • 5 Ways ‘Constantine’ Went Wrong

    Constantine‘s first season has been officially cut off at 13 episodes. While the fate of the second season is still up in the air, it’s rare for a show to bounce back for another season without having its back nine episodes ordered on its first go around. As they are currently writing the 17th episode, […]

  • Unlucky 13 for Constantine?

    For fans of NBC’s Constantine, a prayer circle may have to be started. NBC informed the cast and crew of the freshman series on Friday that production will halt after 13 episodes, which was the initial order by the station, according to a Deadline article. Fans shouldn’t worry just yet: the show isn’t exactly cancelled […]

  • Constantine 1×05 Review: Danse Vaudou

    This week’s episode was somewhat better when it comes to giving Chas and Zed quality screen time, but it still felt like they were essentially ghost babysitters, instead of having a large amount of significance to the plot. The ghosts were formidable at least, and we got to see each of Constantine’s companions using their […]

  • Constantine 1×04 Review: A Feast of Friends

    This episode had a lot going for it in many ways and, if the buzz about it continues, could prove to be a turning point for the series. This episode was based off the very first Hellblazer story, so fans of the original comic may be more swayed by it than the three that came […]

  • Constantine 1×03 Review: The Devil’s Vinyl

    This show hasn’t quite hit the stride I’ve been hoping for just yet and we’re already three episodes in. I forgave the second episode for feeling like a repeat of the pilot due to the switch out of the lead female character, but this episode should have moved beyond that and blown the audience away. […]

  • Constantine 1×02 Review: The Darkness Beneath

    This week felt like a second pilot, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but certainly slowed any momentum a series usually gets after its first episode. Since they swapped Liv out for Zed, they had to establish a new dynamic between Constantine and his sidekick. The only difference between this and the actual pilot was […]