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  • Constantine 1×01 Review: Non Est Asylum

    I was very lucky to have already seen the pilot of Constantine a few months ago and reviewed it, but a lot of the context of that review has changed, given the interviews the cast and crew have done since. First, the topic of his sexuality has been addressed repeatedly both positively and negatively. Second, […]

  • Constantine’s Bisexuality Acknowledged by Executive Producer

    This week at New York City Comic Con, one of The Geekiary author’s, Bandit. had the opportunity to sit down with Constantine Executive Producer David S Goyer at a press round table.  One of the issues that was discussed was about the title character’s bisexuality, which has been mentioned previously with less than positive results. During the […]

  • The Geekiary’s Fall TV Schedule!

      The Fall TV season is about to begin! We’d like to let you know what we plan on watching and what type of coverage you should expect. New Shows It should come as no surprise that all of the new shows we’re looking forward to this season are comic book related .  It’s definitely […]

  • The Flash TV Series Will Feature Two Gay Comic Book Characters

    While Constantine has decided not to mention the lead character’s bisexuality, it’s refreshing to see that another yet-to-debut superhero TV show isn’t shying away from the sexuality of their characters. The Flash will be introducing two gay comic book characters this year! When Arrow showed the romantic relationship between two female characters, Sara Lance and […]

  • Why We Want A Bisexual Constantine

    Ever since news came out that we might not be getting a bisexual Constantine I’ve been getting into arguments with people about why it matters.  The arguments tend to be the same ones repeated over and over again and, quite frankly, it’s tiring having to repeat myself.  Since the same arguments come up over and […]

  • Things Aren’t Looking So Good For Constantine’s Bisexuality

    It looks like those of us who have been waiting for a bisexual protagonist on American network TV are going to have to wait a while longer.   At the Television Critics Association press tour executive producer Daniel Cerone stated that it wasn’t a crucial part of Constantine’s character and joked that we might see it […]

  • Constantine Switching Out Female Lead: Good or Bad?

    Constantine hasn’t even premiered yet and it’s already making major changes to go in a “different direction.” The female lead Liv, played by Lucy Griffith, will be written out of the show and replaced by Zed, a sorceress who appeared in only a handful of the original comics. The new character hasn’t been cast yet […]

  • Constantine: The Good, The Great, The Slightly Concerning

    There are plenty of pieces of media that deal with apocalyptic themes like angels, demons, and battles between heaven and hell, but right out of the gate Constantine stands out from the crowd in several small ways.  While we can infer some of these differences based on the source material alone, it’s hard to say how […]