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  • Extant 2×11 Review: Zugzwang

    This week’s episode of Extant answered the Calderon mystery and finally revealed the major big bad of the season. With how things ended this week in ‘Zugzwang’, I’m sure the two-part finale is going to be a blast. I wasn’t expecting Extant to tell us everything about Calderon in a single episode. While I would’ve […]

  • Extant 2×10 Review: Don’t Shoot The Messenger

    I have no idea what the writers of Extant have in store for the second season finale. The stakes keep getting higher every week. The current pace of Extant can be described as plot twists galore, and it’s awesome! Molly Woods (Halle Berry) died and came back to life, which was expected. You can’t kill […]

  • Extant 2×9 Review: The Other Side

    This week’s episode of Extant gave rise to a new big bad and had the main characters come to one place to defend against the hybrid threat. It also had some great character development moments for Molly and Julie. Scenes that focus on the development of female characters as the plot progresses are always a […]

  • Extant 2×8 Review: Arms and the Humanich

    This week’s episode of Extant had to be the most emotional since Season Two started. The battle with the Humanichs opened the hybrid’s eyes that they need a different approach to attack them in the future. Also Molly found out that she can’t trust everyone. I knew the battle with the Humanichs wasn’t going to […]

  • Extant 2×5 Review: The New Frontier

    A lot of things happened in this week’s episode of Extant and I enjoyed seeing the writers focus more on the interactions between the characters. A lot of times a show ends up focusing too much on the big picture and doesn’t spare time to flesh out characters. This is where Extant is different and […]

  • Extant 2×4 Review: Cracking the Code

    So much has happened in just four episodes of Extant Season 2 that I can’t wait for the finale, which I know is going to be epic! In “Cracking the Code”, Molly experienced more biological changes and Lucy showed that she wasn’t going to let any computer program control her even though she was a […]

  • Extant 2×3 Review: Empathy for the Devil

    I love the fast pace in which the plot seems to be moving in the second season of Extant. The main characters know what’s going on and so does the audience, which is a good thing in my book. The Extant reboot has done the show a huge favor and I can’t wait to see […]

  • Extant 2×2 Review: Morphoses

    Now that Extant has introduced new players in the season two premiere, this week’s episode – “Morphoses”- dived further into the mystery and delivered some very interesting scenes. This season of Extant does feel different compared to the first one. The tone is faster and the stakes are higher. Last season showed a very confused […]